Thursday, 29 January 2009

Living Flame

Ok, so no one was interested in the art auction! :) Well it was still worth running it to see if anyone was.

Never mind, I've been busy with other work this week....

I was asked a few weeks ago by a woman, to do a painting in the abstract style of the Fantasy Fannies, but of a virtually whole woman taken from a black and white photo that I was sent, and also the colours were to be in pastel colours, plus she wanted a hidden woman within the image like the Queyntes have.. MMmm.... it took me a while to get into the idea of how to do it. Because the Fantasy Fannies are created from close up photos so the shapes look abstract to start with, whereas this image was most definitely a woman, a gorgeous sexy woman, and the image of her wasn't to be hidden, it was to be kept. So I drew it out as it was from the photo, and then started playing with the colours. Normally I paint bright and dramatic paintings, but I had been asked specifically for pastel colours. So I had to tone down my natural exuberance, and paint subtle colours in a subtle way. The elbow length gloves, hair and panties were all very dark in the photo and I would have normally have painted them black, but decided to make my darkest darks "royal purple" and then that being only the colour of the hair, gloves and the dark shadow between the luscious buttocks. There was a gorgeous white light down the side of the body, coming from a side light in the photo, and for me that was incredibly important to keep, as it accentuated the shape, and added interest to the otherwise symmetrical shape. So, bit by bit, I built up the colours, and shades, using "glazing" as the technique for building up the subtle colours, the colour underneath shining through the colour on top, and adding to the description of the small nuances of muscle tone and body shape. And the strength of colour in the background that made the image look like she was standing separate from the background. I also decided that if I made the woman logo within her any smaller it would have looked like a tattoo which would have spoilt the effect. When I got to the point that this picture is at, I stopped, and thought that I could go on, and do more, but to do so would detract from the pastel colours and the way the white of the paper shines through the paint. So I contacted the woman who had commissioned me, showed her this image and asked her what she thought - and she loved it! She thought the image looked powerful, feminine and sensuous all at once. She loved it as much as I do, fortunately! For me, I love the 3-D shape of the body, and the way the background seems to flow around her like a flame - and this prompted me to call the painting "Living Flame" because it shows the woman as a vibrant, vivid, vital and sensuous woman, with the almost chameleon like effect of being able to cope with her life and the challenges it brings within it.

My spiritual healer friend saw this finished painting the other day and commented that the photo I was working from was excellent quality, infact a beautiful piece of art on its own, BUT that I had taken that image and made something even more beautiful with my colours and depiction of the woman within the painting. I agree with her. This woman is gorgeous.

But all of this is actually the "working painting" - so now I have to re-paint it in the same way but on watercolour paper, with a slightly larger background to it that will give the framer chance to frame it without losing any of these beautiful colours under the mount. At least the second painting will be a lot quicker to do than the first one - because I'm just copying it, whereas the first painting had a lot of "thinking time" in its creation.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Erotic Art Auction

Right - now on to the Art Auction I promised you the other day. We'll start with three erotic drawings. All of them are white conte pencil on plain black card. They all pick up the light on the models skin whilst leaving the rest of the image in darkness. They are all unmounted and unframed. I think that they would look equally appealing in a pale or silver frame, without a mount, or, if you prefer, a pale cream mount with a black frame would look stylish, or any other frame that fits in with your colour scheme would enhance them.

The first one is called "Remembering the day" and is 15 x 11 inches. I think its quite poignant, the woman is sitting upright in her underwear, just about to remove her stockings and suspenders, and she turns her head as she gazes off into the middle distance as she remembers the day - was it with her lover? That's for you to decide........

The second drawing is 14 x 10 inches and is called "And then" and shows a woman in a state of arousal - the erect nipples illustrate that. Her left hand reaches around to the front of her body - is it about to go higher..... or lower? And the other hand is behind her back - does it hold something that the viewer can't yet see? What could it be? The viewer can't quite read the expression on her face, is she being coy? Its for you to decide what happens next, but it looks like it might be fun.....

The third drawing is called "Dressing" and is 16 x 11 inches. The woman in it is busy putting on her stockings, she rolls them up her leg, her face hidden by her long hair. Her breast not yet covered by her clothing. Who is she dressing for? Herself? or her lover?
So, now, if you are interesting in making a bid for any (or all) of the drawings, email me at stating which image and your bid. I will accept bids in English pounds (which is probably good for everyone else in the world at the moment, the way the pound is!). The deadline is midnight on Wednesday 28th January- so you've got a week to think about it and make your bid. Whoever is the highest bidder for any of the images, will receive it by post. I will pay the postage. There is a (reasonable) reserve on all the drawings, and if that reserve is not reached, then there will not be a sale. Once a bid has been accepted, I will require payment for it - by Paypal preferably, or a cheque. Once the payment has cleared, I will send the artwork to you.
Any questions, please ask.
Right, its up to you now..... who will start the bidding?

Monday, 19 January 2009

Guild Event day auction

Its a while since I’ve been to a Erotic Guild of Artists Event day, so I was pleasantly surprised to find there had been a tidy up since my last visit, and we had a much improved car park this time, with more spaces for everyone nearer to the studios.

I had arrived early to take my ten drawings for the contemporary/erotic art auction, and was pleased to see there was a lot of art there for people to have the chance to buy. But first a warming cup of tea and a bacon buttie was needed for sustenance, since it was such a cold winters day.

Various people were arriving then, with cheery greetings and hugs and kisses for their friends, as they chatted. I had a nice chat with a photographer who I had not seen since Erotica in November, and asked him what he thought of it, since both he and I had exhibited there for the first time, so we compared notes of our experiences . Then another artist and his girlfriend arrived and I was able to ask them the same question, as his stand and my stand had been close to each others on the gallery at Erotica, and I was able to ask his girlfriend what she thought of it. She and I had a lovely chat about various things as we huddled around one of the heaters for warmth on this bitterly cold day.

One of the body sculptors introduced me to his lovely wife , and I enjoyed having a chat with her as again, I’d met her briefly at Erotica but not really had time to talk much to her then, as we were all working so hard at the show.

By now, more people had arrived, and were taking the opportunity of getting a bite to eat and a hot drink, before the auction started at 2pm. The three founder members were busy sorting out the artwork for the auction, with various quips to the gathering crowd. One of them called over at one point that he’d start the auction early with anyone who wanted one of his paintings as he held it aloft for the price of a cup of tea – and someone answered very quickly that they’d have it – and so got the first bargain of the day!

Just before the auction started I had a nice chat with an attractive brunette and her chap who always are very smiley pleasant company, and again I’d not seen them since Erotica, so had another catch-up chat with them about what they had been up to recently.

Then it was 2pm and the Guild secretary started the auction, as everyone gathered around on the assembled chairs or stood at the back and the sides of the studio and he did a truly valiant effort, trying to get the best possible price for the items, so that each artist (and the Guild’s commission) could get the most they could for them. Anyone who wanted to bid had been issued with a number, so that they could register their bid. The secretary gave the details of the artwork as he was fed each piece, and then the artwork was moved to the “sold” pile or the “not sold” pile. There were certainly some wonderful bargains to be had, with some lovely artwork being sold at very reasonable prices, including a some gorgeous plaster casts of boobs and fannies, and some wonderful paintings although I know that some of the lower bids for some of the other artwork were for the frame and not necessarily the picture inside it. One thing that amused me as the auction progressed was the thumb of one of the artists who was helping to hold up the artwork for the buyers to see. He had cut it quite badly a few weeks ago, and since then the horror story of whatever is under the large white bandage has been graphically described by anyone who asks him the state of it (I know this, because I did!). He is able to manage quite well, and was perfectly able to lift up paintings for the bidders to see clearly. But I noticed that the thumb in its resplendent white bandage was gyrating everytime, even though his other digits were still, giving it a very active life of its own!

The auction went on all afternoon, for almost four hours with only a short 15 minute break in the middle. So much artwork to be gone through, including my own drawings, that unfortunately didn’t sell, but I think that was because mine, and some of the others had (very reasonable) reserve prices on them and people were looking for mostly cheap bargains. The artwork that didn’t have any reserve prices certainly sold well. Some of it at ridiculously low prices. I wasn't going to let my art go at such low prices, because I value it higher than that, and hope that others do too. But it was certainly exciting watching two or three people bid for some of the paintings, with a flurry of nods going on until the price was accepted.

Whilst all of this was progressing I had a chat with a couple of visitors who I've chatted with before, who liked quite a lot of the erotic art but didn’t have a place in their house to hang it, unfortunately. One particular couple did buy a lot of the art though, and I wondered if they had a particularly large house they were filling with all their purchases! Or more likely, an outlet to sell them, I wondered if they ran an art gallery somewhere and were going to sell them on at a greatly inflated price.

During all of this the resident videoer was capturing the proceedings for the next Guild DVD, and the stills photographer was taking photos as he always does, although I think he was outside photographing the gorgeous red-head in her rather splendid outfit that seemed to be mostly a pale pink pair of PVC thigh length boots, whilst she balanced high up a ladder placed against the outside wall, when the secretary inadvertently made a wonderful gaff that caused a titter amongst the audience. He was holding each painting up, and then reading the details out of the subject – but he hadn’t realised, until he looked after realising the gentle laughter was aimed his way, that one painting was of life size naked male torso so as he held it infront of him, he'd got the hunky body he’s always wanted! LOL

The auction went on until almost 6pm, as there was so much to show everyone. The guys worked really hard to get as much money that they could for the items – even including the green boiler suits that they were wearing, that had been signed on the back by Trinny and Susannah from the “Great British Body” TV show of last year. But unfortunately, no takers! At the end of the session, there were a lot of people queuing up to pay for and collect their bargains – so a good day for the Guild and for everyone who bought and sold on the day. I’m sure there will be another one at some later date, as it certainly seemed very popular.

Time to go – as people drifted out into the night, and time for everyone to say goodbye with hugs and kisses. I always enjoy my time there, as everyone is friendly, and happy to chat.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Scaring teacher

It's been a while since I went to an art workshop, but, I think, important to do because it opens my mind to new painting techniques, and painting alongside other artists is always good both for the soul, and for learning. Today was a watercolour class, which is a medium I enjoy very much, although I haven't done much in watercolours recently because I've been doing the Fantasy Fannies in acrylic (and although I use them as watercolours, they still react in a different way to watercolours themselves). So, good for me to use watercolours. The subject matter was not one I've done for a very long time though. It was ..... wait for it............... flowers! Pretty flowers - hellebores, to be exact. Mmm...... flowers, not very erotic is it, a bit vanilla. But that's ok. I can do vanilla. In short bursts. I can cope.........

......The tutor was very proficient, and taught us in stages, we first drew out the picture in pencil, then masked out the flowers with masking fluid to protect the white of the petals, then put a wet wash of colour over the background letting the colours merge into each other on the paper. After that had dried we painted the "negative" shapes of the background against the leaves, which made the background colours shine through. I love "lost and found" shapes so my leaves weren't fully formed which gave the image more interest as the brain can fill out the details. Then we painted the darks in between the leaves and petals to give the image more depth, and make the petals stand out more. Then it was time to remove the masking fluid and paint the shadows on the petals themselves and pick out the yellow of the stamens and picking out any other fine details, like the veins on the leaves and leaf litter below the flowers in their woodland setting.

The tutor wanted the whole class (of 18) to put out their paintings at the end of the days session, leaning them against the wall, so that we could all see what the others had done. She had not met any of us before so she didn't know our names or standard of worksmanship, but she was pleased at the general result of the group. She went along the paintings as they leant along the wall, giving a few words of encouragement for each painting. Most weren't finished. The point of workshops is not to expect to take a good finished painting home with you, but to have learnt the techniques being practiced during the day, and to be able to use them in other paintings in the future. So the tutor went along each painting, giving constructive criticism, until she came to mine. She picked it up, and commented on the background washes saying that it had "character" which pleased me immensely. She liked my painting, and made a few comments about it, she liked the "calligraphy" of the artwork, and said that the artist obviously knew how to paint flowers and had probably done the subject matter before, as she was just putting it down to move on to the next painting. There was a general titter in the room that stopped her in her tracks, as I said "Er, can I just say, I DON'T paint flowers, I'm an Erotic Artist, and if I had had time, I would have hidden a naked woman somewhere in the painting!" and she smiled and said quietly (and maybe a little condescendingly?) "Yeh, but not really you wouldn't" to which I emphatically nodded and said "Yes, REALLLLY!" which stopped her in her tracks as she did a marvellous double-take and said with great regret "But, WHY haven't you done it today, I WANT to see it!" so I said that when I have chance to finish it, I'll email her a copy of it so she can see MY version of todays painting. It might not be for a few weeks as I'm working on a commission at the moment, and that will take priority, but I'll do it, and send her the image.

I can just imagine she's gone home tonight and her husband has asked her if she's had a good day, and she'll say "I had this scary woman in my class today, and you wouldn't BELIEVE what she's going to do with my hellebores!"

Friday, 16 January 2009

You call THIS work?

I had a business meeting the other night, but because it was with erotic writer Lucy Felthouse, it wasn't your normal boring business meeting... Oh No!!!!

We discussed all manner of things naughty and erotic - from her visit to see me at the Erotica show in November, and the way she was treated like a minor celebrity there on a couple of the stands, she admired my latest pastel coloured painting that I'm currently working on in my studio, we talked about the latest erotic book that's caused a furore because well-known writers have written smut, and the literary world is upset by it (heaven knows why, I can paint a landscape or a vase of flowers or an erotic picture, and will make a good job of it regardless of the subject matter, because I can paint! so surely these women who write can write about anything, including erotica? Where's the problem?!!!). We talked about my Fantasy Fannies, and my plans for finding the right place to exhibit them, Lucys writings, the Erotic Guild of Artists, and their latest book that I'm in, we talked about men in dresses, bi-sexual men and lesbians, bi-sexual women and lesbians, gay men and gay sex, gay bars, sex toys, sex writing, men, sex, ideas for stories, blogging, websites and promoting versus advertising. Oh, and sex. And then some more sex.

Sigh. So all in all, a normal night then. For us!!!!!!!! LOL

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


My friend Stuart has sent me a beautiful letter this week telling me .....

"I am writing to you about why I am so enthusiastic to show the drawings to family, friends and strangers. My main motivation is my pride in having participated in the production of two such beautiful pictures. I believe that they are so good that it would be a great shame if they were framed, hung in our front room with few people seeing them. Most people who have seen them think that they are very good, once they have become accustomed to viewing a naked male senior citizen! Obviously you have great skill to make an old timer like me look so attractive without overdoing it. They are certainly me! I am also proud of myself for having the courage to pose nude before a lady I did not know. However, as Sir Malcolm Sargeant said, you should try everything once with the possible exception of incest and morris dancing. It ws my lucky day when I was introduced to you to draw me. Your drawings are now my most precious possession."........ Aw, isn't that nice!!!

And whilst we're on the subject of friends, the ever fragrant and lovely SpikyZora Jones has given me this Friends award! Aw, I'm touched!!!! Thankyou babe! I want in turn to share it with all those who read my blog regularly - well, those who I know about, because you leave nice comments!

I also want to thank my usual model for her help, enthusiasm, fun, friendship, inventiveness, and patience when we're setting up a pose. And understanding when the art "doesn't work" for whatever reason (my bad headache being the reason this week!) and positive and vocal support and the accolades when it does (which is most of the time) !!! Thanks babe - and I'll forward this "Friends" award to you in particular.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Erotic art auction coming up

Next week I'm entering ten drawings into an Erotic Art Auction through the Guild of Erotic Artists and that's got me thinking - I thought maybe this blog might be the place to give you a chance to bid for some of my artwork too - what do you think?

I'll feature a piece of artwork (or maybe two or three) and up to a particular date to be set, I'll accept "sealed bids" by email from anyone who is interested in buying. If the bids don't reach the reserve price, then the artwork will not be sold. If the bids do reach the reserve price, then the highest one gets the artwork and once I have received payment by Paypal I will send the piece of artwork on to you, in whichever country you are in, and will pay the postage costs myself.
So, anyone interested in that as a concept?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Relishing new beginnings

My new friend Stuart rang me the other day to say that later on in the year he's been booked in to do a talk to a local group of 50 or so writers, and has asked me if I'd like to go along to hear him speak, as I think he's going to talk about his experience of being drawn by me, probably in a bit of a humorous way - it made me smile at the thought, so I said I'd be glad to! A couple of days after that he rang again to confirm it, and asked if I'd also like to speak to the group for a few minutes or so, and after the briefest of moments to think about it - I said I would.... it should be fun........ if I don't upset them too much.... "Hi, my name's Jackie Adshead and I'm an erotic artist" intake of breath from the collective audience......!!!! LOL Well. if the Women's Institute can stand it, I'm sure local writers can too - I do ordinary landscapes, and flowers, and paintings of vanilla things too, you know!!! Tee hee!

Chatting with a friend the other day, she said that a friend of hers had seen an erotic painting of mine, and had screamed out loud when she saw it, and covered her eyes in mock horror - I know I like a reaction to my art, but I did wonder if this seems somewhat extreme (LOL). She did then spend fifteen minutes staring very intently at it, and analysing it. This was the painting that caused the reaction. I suppose I'm so used to painting erotic art, I forget that some people are only used to chocolate box pictures of fluffy kittens and horses in fields.....

And this week I've spent a lot of time thinking of pastel shades. They're not colours that I usually go for on their own, because I normally paint with dramatic colours. But, I'm getting into the subtleties of these really beautiful colours, and liking where they are taking me, so far. I'm half way through a painting using them, and liking the restraint I'm putting on myself to keep to the soft pinks, blues, oranges and sunshine yellows that I'm using. I shall be interested to see how the painting turns out when its finished....... Does that sound odd, that even I don't know how the painting will look when its complete, and I'm creating it! Usually, I know exactly, and I think I actually do know....thinking about it - I can see it in my minds eye already.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Bringing in the new year the right way!

Well, first post of the new year, and I can certainly say that I brought it in the right way - for an Erotic Artist!!! :)

I attended a New Years Eve party locally, and along with some people I knew there, there were a lot I didn't, which is often the case with parties. And this party had more than 300 people there, some dressed up to the nines, some had come in fancy dress, and some just in smart casual clothes, so it was an interesting mix of all adult ages and all styles. So, as is the way with parties, you walk around abit with a drink in your hand, and a smile on your face, and talk to people. And some people stand there, looking enigmatic, some are extrovert, some more reserved, some smile back, and some you interact with. And I love people watching, because I'm an artist, and I particularly like looking at people - gorgeous girls, sexy guys, erotic women, appealing men. And sometimes I'll make the first move, and sometimes they will......

........but there were two guys at this particular party that caught my eye..... two tall, dark and handsome men in their 30s, who I had never laid eyes on before. They stood there quietly at the blackjack table, playing confidently, the occasional word to each other. I stood on the other side of the room to them and the minute I eyed them from behind, I KNEW I had to go over to speak to them. So, like a moth to a flame, I went over, and stood quietly behind them. And when one turned to me, I looked him straight in the eye and said how much I liked his suit. He, like his companion, was dressed, like a lot of men in the room, in a black suit, white shirt and black tie, and looked as dashing and sexy as most slim men do in that get-up. (MMMm...... oh yes!!!! Think James Bond!) He was happy to hear that I liked his choice of clothing for the evening, especially when I told him and his companion that I was an Erotic Artist - and we chatted a bit and they suggested they might like posing for me. I agreed that it might be a good idea.... for you see, unlike the rest of the men in the room, the back of their jackets, shirts and trousers had been cut away..... to reveal that they were both wearing bras, black stockings and suspenders and black panties underneath!!!! What AWESOME fancy dress outfits they were!!!!


I've never seen anything like it it before!!! No wonder I had to speak to them!!! Tee Hee!!!!! MMm.... there's something devilishly delightful about a sexy male body in something so naughtily erotic as womens clothing - although the taller of the two said he found Primarks panties chaffed a bit.........