Friday, 6 April 2007

Deeper and deeper

Had a chat with an artist friend last night who was interested to hear what my latest erotic art outputs are. I told him about my forthcoming project to draw hornymaleuk and the challenge its going to be because I can't do a traditional representational image of him. He readily agreed. So we discussed and explored the ways I am going to have to tackle this artwork. He said that I should consider other erotic male images to base my drawing on, but its alright to think of James Bond/Indiana Jones/Gladiator as the basis but they all have a face and I won't be able to show that. Also I don't know what body shape I shall be drawing until I see hornymaleuk. My artist friend also made me think deeper when he said that just a small part of something can be far far more erotic than the whole thing, so I don't necessarily need to paint a whole body, I can just focus on a part of it. I don't know which part of hornymaleuk's anatomy is the sexiest bit (ignoring the obvious answer at this point) - because it might be his tight buttocks (if they are!) his strong shoulder, chiselled jawline, six pack, muscled thigh or long sensitive fingers (if they all are - but what if they're not?) My artist friend also said that I should consider the use of back light, which appeals to me very much, perhaps throwing the full face or most of it, into darkness, and perhaps the use of a fluidly wet medium, to carry on the hot and steamy interpretation of what he is/and does. My friend also said that since hornymaleuk is obviously trusted by women, he has a compassionate/respected/sensitive side to him that I should also consider. So now we get into the abstract! Mmm...... this is getting more interesting the more I think of it.......

And on a slightly separate note I was really pleased with the drawing I did of my usual female model this week. I drew her holding a lit candle in her hand with the hot wax dribbling down over her breast creating lovely shapes as it followed her rounded contours. I did actually offer to imagine the wax for the image but she said she was happy to light the candle and do the job properly. The things we do for art. I've got a lovely title for the drawing - "Meltdown" - I need to do a bit more work on it before I'm totally happy with it though as the wax from the candle has to be smoother than her skin to illustrate the use of texture.

I also met up this week with someone who wants to pose for me. Shes really excited at the prospect as she's never done it before. I shall enjoy drawing her as she's a different body shape to what I normally do.

I have also got a commission on at the moment to paint a house portrait for someone. I know I can do it quickly, competently and easily and hope to start it next week. But somehow its not holding my interest as much as the erotic stuff........ I wonder why.......

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

To hide what already is hidden

Further to the last comments regarding drawing hornymaleuk, and considering appropriate poses for the drawing, its struck me that its going to be very challenging to produce an image of him. I have to draw a decent picture - easy enough, I have to make it erotic, reasonably easy enough, I have to make a picture he will he happy with, ok, and one he's happy other people seeing, ok, but also I have to create a picture that is the essence of his alter ego of "hornymaleuk" without the people in his everyday life knowing that its him (should they ever get the chance to see it and recognise instantly who it is!) so I have to hide his face, and probably his body shape, age, hair colour, ears (they're so distinctive for every person!) and maybe hands - I don't know yet. I'll know better when I see him. At this rate I might just end up drawing his shoulder blade - and that's hardly erotic!!!!!!

Lucy Felthouse has recently written a very hot story based on my
"Red shoes" image on Fantasy Nuggets and the model for the drawing has just found out and went a real WOW over it! Especially as she had no idea about it. She loved the fact that her pose had led to my erotic drawing in the first place (her delight on seeing it at the time was wonderful to see), but the fact that the image has since led on to an erotic story has added an extra dimension for her. And the fact that three women - the model, artist, and writer, have this erotic inter-relationship based partly on what was going through the models head at the time of her posing is really interesting creatively.