Saturday, 30 June 2007

Three of a kind

I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series of drawings based on the colours emanating from a woman before, during and after an orgasm. So here they are, in the order they should be viewed. The first is called "Allure" and the woman lies provocatively, her left hand idly fingering her nipple, as her right hand wanders down to her crutch and starts to play with herself. She's giving off a scarlet glow, as the lust and passions rise, her mouth slightly open, as her eyes stare into the distance as her fantasies start to take form....

The second image is called "Orgasm" as the woman gives off a white hot glow, as she pleasures herself, and loses herself in the moment, her fingers busy and her head thrown back in ecstasy.

And the last image is entitled "Afterglow" as she lies satiated, her hands behind her head, her left leg pulled in tightly to her body, to enjoy the final throbbing warmth from her orgasm. She's at peace, and giving off a warm afterglow of contentment, her mind wandering, on to the next fantasy, she'll soon be ready to go again....
And on a separate note, I was in the pub last night when a hand tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to find two women waiting to speak to me. They were apologetic for interrupting my evening, but they wanted to thank me for a painting I'd completed recently. The first woman had commissioned it, as a leaving present for the other, as she was returning to America after living in England for a few years. The American woman then went on to say how much she liked the painting, and what a lovely memento of her time here it was, as it was a landscape of the village she'd been living in, and she would treasure it always, and was delighted to meet the artist. I was delighted to hear it, I said, and delighted to do it for her! It was lovely to meet her, as its always nice to know where my paintings are going to and meet the people they are intended for. They departed then, again with an apology for interrupting me, but they had made my evening and I spent the rest of it in a happy afterglow.
Earlier that evening, a new acquainttance had rung me to thank me for my help in participating in a local exhibition last weekend. "My pleasure", I said. And it is. I love art, and everything to do with it. Even setting up an exhibition, and all the hard work that goes with it, even if there isn't a sale at the end of it, at least its promotion, and I always get good feed-back, and meet interesting and charming people through it. Its even better when I sell a painting though - its the best feeling in the world, that someone wants to own one of my paintings, hang it on their wall, and view it for ever more because in someway it connects with an idea, or thought, a feeling or emotion they have, that my painting evokes in them.
Its a life long quest, Art, searching for more ideas, more things to portray, the way that life and art and art and life are inter-connected: the people I meet, and the things they say to me, that makes me realise that I am fulfilling a desire in others, as much as in myself. Its quite a heady responsibility! But I love it!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Getting turned on to drawing

The recent comments by Honoranddesire and Hornmaleuk have made me consider what people suspect happens between an artist and a model during an art session, especially when its an erotic art session. Its always the thought and question, underneath the surface isn't it? What happens when you're drawing a naked person, and you fancy them? Part of me, like most artists, considers that its a professional working relationship, like doctors, when you just happen to work with naked people, and you're trying to do a job........ but, there is the other side, when you get to know the model a bit more, and they become a personality, a friend, and then maybe a lover. But, drawing is using a different part of the brain, and I need to concentrate, arrange the composition, lighting, decide which medium I'm going to use, get my easel up, set up some rock music to paint to, make sure the model is comfortable with the pose, and is warm enough, and doesn't have a spot light shining in their eyes, isn't going to get cramp in five minutes time, whist listening with half an ear to their problems, and trying to organise them into the pose without seeming heartless to their concerns, and I'm not wearing my best clothes, I'm in old jeans and a comfortable tee shirt, so that if I spill paint down me, it won't matter. But if I'm getting ready for sex, I'd dress differently, take more care, and wear something slightly provocative in a revealing or clingy way, something that makes me feel hot, would feel calmer and would be looking for signs and giving signs, in my conversation, or gestures, or demeanour. So perhaps the model is ready for sex, because they have an empty mind, and are sitting there stark naked, but the artist isn't ready for sex because their mind is full of ideas and organising things. Mmmmm..... that's a really interesting thought.

I think we have a special relationship with our models, and they understand that too. And I've definitely had some interesting times and some very non vanilla moments whilst drawing naked models! I think as figure artists we're open to people, and the models are open to the artist, so its a potent mix to start with. Plus I also think that models are a particular type of person too - who like being naked infront of fully clothed people, who are exhibitionists (unless they are just desperate for the money and can overcome their inhibitions for financial reasons), and want to be viewed and stared at and have their sexual fantasies at the same time, so perhaps the poor artist doesn't stand a chance! (smile).

I know at the end of a drawing session I'm mentally whacked, because I've been concentrating so hard, the model is happily chatting away, and I've gone quiet, whilst I'm packing my art materials and easel away, so perhaps that's when there's a shift in the relationship, instead of the artist being in control of the model and the situation, the model is fresh and lively, mentally alert, and can take over and start to control what happens next.........

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Drawing hornymaleuk again

Before meeting up with hornymaleuk again to draw him with my female model, I only had half-formed ideas in my head for poses for them, even though I had spent a lot of in-depth time beforehand considering it. I knew I couldn't formalise the ideas until I had seen the inter-reaction of the two of them together. They hadn't met before this occasion and knew virtually nothing about each other, except of their existence! And I wasn't fully sure how they would like each other as personalities. So when they met, there was probably an element of surprise for the two of them and, to enable them to get to know each other, I suggested a relaxing drink and a bit of a chat first, so they could get some social interaction before I threw them together in some compromising poses! Whilst I stood and watched how they chatted with each other, suddenly the ideas for poses came to me and I suggested the first one to them with a little trepidation......... as it involved her on her knees in front of him, whilst he sat in front of her, holding her head as she bent her head and focused on his groin area! They agreed they were both happy with that pose (Well, I knew HE would be, before I asked him!!!), so we listened to some loud pulsating rock music, as I set about drawing them......

I'd decided beforehand to use inktense crayons as I love the way I can use them as a proper crayon, therefore having the ability to draw with a sharp point, but when a wet paintbrush is painted over the top, the pigment immediately becomes like ink and gives instant coverage with enough tonal value to create a very fine light wash right up to intense depth of dark colour, which I find ideal for this sort of quick drawing.

The first drawing went well, which I was pleased about, as first drawings don't always do that, as it normally takes time to warm up and for me to get the right mind-set for figure drawing. I decided to use just one colour for this drawing, opting for a purple, as it gave me enough depth of tone needed for the image. I particularly wanted to see the lovely rounded shape of the female waist flowing down to her buttocks, the line of her back, and her right breast and nipple in profile, her right arm reaching around to lie on hornymleuk's left thigh, his left hand resting on the back of her arm, whilst his right hand rested on the back of her head, drawing her towards his groin as he watched the object of her desire and her facial expression. It was an easy pose for him to hold as an initial starter, as he's a novice to this, and I was delighted with the result which I've entitled "Getting acquainted" and that lead me on to the idea for the next pose.......

They were both happy to go for another pose, so this time it was the woman's turn for some attention.... This situation featured her lying on her back with her head thrown back in rapture, as he kneels below her, his face leaning in between her open legs, as her left leg is nonchalantly resting on his right shoulder. His head his hidden behind her thigh, as his hands grip on her upper thigh. Since this was more of a feminine pose, I decided to use a scarlet colour and again I got enough depth of tone from the inks to give me enough detail. The female model loved this pose and kept grinning at me, as I drew her. She was getting her own back from the first pose I put her in!!! This image I've entitled "Rapture"!

Again, I was delighted with the second image I produced, and was on a roll so suggested a third pose for them! They agreed to go again, but requested a short break first, so of course I agreed, and after that, we set up the third pose, more restful than the first two - the woman lying in the man's arms, her back to his chest, her legs open to the viewer, his arms protectively around her, her right arm resting on his thigh, her left arm reaching back to caress his neck. The image of two lovers at ease with each other, complete and replete. I used three colours for this image - black, blue and magenta - as I wanted to utilise a masculine colour and a feminine one, and to pull the diverse colours together, as the couple cuddle entwined together, the colours merging where their body's touch. I was reasonably happy with this picture but needed to do more work on it afterwards to get the right depth of colour for me to be happier with the picture. I've called it "Lover of mine". I know its not fully finished, but doing three drawings within a shortish space of time, was quite an achievement! I tend to consider my drawings an "idea" and try to capture the sentiment behind the idea as quickly as possible, being fully aware that were I to tackle the image as a full painting, an awful lot more time and detail would be utilized to give a far better working image. And before you start peering too closely at the man's visage, the features are hazy and are not hornymaleuk's, but a generic male face, to add interest to the picture.

So, a very successful first session with hornymaleuk and the female model together. They've both told me they're keen to do it again, so I hope that we can arrange that at some future point. I wasn't sure if he would enjoy the experience of posing, as I know it can be hard work, but he kept the poses beautifully as I drew the two of them, so he seems to be a natural!!

And as a post script to this tale, I must admit to a frisson of wicked amusement, and a huge inward grin, during the evening, to listen to the pair of them chatting with each other as I drew them in compromising positions, especially whilst he had his head between her open legs as she told him rude jokes.............!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sex in the landscape

While I'm spending time thinking about the poses I'm going to use for Hornymaleuk and my female model when I draw them, I'm considering the lines and shapes I want to incorporate in my images. And I know its basically a human landscape I'm drawing..... when I draw a supine woman I see flat plains of stomach, incorporating the lake of navel, rising up to the gently rolling hills of breasts topped with a citadel of nipple over-looking the plains below, the soft contours of arm and shoulder, leading down to fingers of land stretching out from hands to form bridges and arches. The land slopes down to a dense copse of trees at the base of the of groin, hiding a steep ravine and ferned grotto from which flows a gushing waterfall tumbling down to the deep dark valley below............

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Are you sure you're erotic?

"What sort of artist, are you?" asked the landscape painter. I paused. I always pause. "I'm an erotic artist" I said. And waited. "An erratic artist?" he queried. "No", I said, with a smile "EROTIC artist". He paused. I waited. And smiled inwardly. "Oh" he said. And I told him about my website. Five hours later.......... he asked for my website address...... and kissed me on the cheek!

Why does it amuse me? Why do I pause? I suppose I'm still slightly surprised by the reaction I get when I say it. And amused. Greatly amused. That just a couple of words can stop people in their tracks. I suppose when an artist asks a fellow artist what sort of painting they do, they expect the typical answer of "landscapes in watercolours" or "portraits in oils" or "pastel" or "flowers". And I don't give the typical answer.

Someone rang me last week, wanting a landscape in watercolour, so we discussed it in depth, and agreed a price. She asked if there was anywhere where she could view my work, and I paused. And said "I've got a website with a good example of my work on it" "Oh lovely" she said "I'll have a look and come back to you". I felt I had to warn her "Don't look at the figure drawings if you're easily upset" I said. She questioned me. I repeated it. When we hung up I was convinced I'd lost the sale. Later on she rang me and said "I've looked at your figure drawings, and yes, that commission for the landscape is fine, go ahead with it!"

So, why am I expecting a problem? Do I think that intelligent adults can't make an informed decision about my work without getting upset? Why am I expecting that people who like landscapes will find my erotic drawings offensive? I suppose its because people happily have landscapes on their wall but don't always openly discuss their interest in sex. I know that I can paint a good landscape, or any other subject matter, and do it efficiently, capably and appealingly. So I'll continue to paint anything that anyone is interested in - trees, hedges, fields, hills, bushes, breasts, buttocks, sex!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hot and steamy with half naked men

Well.... I suppose you could call it work, since that was the purpose of the meeting... but when Lucy Felthouse and I get together to discuss "work" we end up talking about hunky men, sexually assertive women, threesomes, sexy underwear, erotic stories and erotic art! And what a very pleasant and enjoyable way to spend an evening!! But the really good thing is - we inspire each other, with my erotic images and her erotic words. She's gone off with another batch of my most recent images to use in conjunction with her stories and given me a list of ideas she's got for stories not yet written, the ones still swirling around in her head, most of which seem to involve half naked hunky men, with large biceps, a six-pack, strong jawlines, tight firm buttocks, powerful legs, and one idea in particular that's really inspiring me at the moment ..... of a naked hunky man in the shower, soaping himself down, his back half turned, as the warm water trickles over his sun kissed skin........ sigh...... yep, I think I'll be very happy to paint that picture.......

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I've not forgotten.....

........but its been difficult to arrange the logistics of getting three people together. So finally we've been able to set a date for me to draw hornymaleuk with a female model. And between now and then I'll be racking my brains for poses, ideas, colours and styles, as well as the important one of hiding his body shape so that he's not recognised. Mmmmmm... that's going to be difficult again, but at least I know what he looks like now, so that will make it easier than the first time. And putting two people together, makes for more interesting poses than just one on their own, its just keeping that fine line between erotic and pornographic that I need to consider too. I've got a few ideas for poses, so now I'll have to consider the lighting aspects too, and how long the models can keep the poses for (twice the problem with cramped muscles, aching legs, and cold skin). And until I do the drawing I won't relax, I know I'll be thinking deeply about this right up until I complete the images. Who said art was easy?!!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Under the microscope

I've noticed recently how many people don't make eye contact when they pass in the street. I always look at people as they walk towards me, although obviously it depends where I am and whether its likely to encourage trouble if I do it, so I am somewhat circumspect as to my surroundings! Some people look at me, and will smile at my open gaze, but, on the whole, people don't look at other people. Perhaps we've all been conditioned nowadays not to do it, which is a shame. And I'm so used to doing it, as its my job, to look, to observe, to record the details. I find whilst I'm standing quietly somewhere, in a queue or a busy bar, that I people watch and can always find beauty in the tiniest detail - the curl of hair in the nape of the neck, long sweeping dark eyelashes, polished fingernails, the glint of red in a head of dark hair, the startling blueness of a pair of eyes, or the sensual fullness of a bottom lip. And of course there's the larger details, the freshness of teenage skin, the full hips of a sexy older woman, the tightness of a pair of male buttocks, the gentle curve of a female thigh, the squareness of a mans shoulders, the fullness of perfectly rounded breasts. I was told a few weeks ago by a female friend that she'd always had a big sexual fantasy about being drawn in minute detail, all her innermost details examined and inspected then captured down on paper, and I've been told by a man I've drawn recently what a turn on it was to be observed in minute detail, in almost a detached scientific way, then to see his naked body created on the paper infront of me, he felt was a very erotic situation. I suppose it must be. I don't know why I was surprised to hear it, as I spend as much time assessing a subject to draw whatever it is, although admittedly a vase might not have quite the same level of eroticism about it as a semi-naked body. Then afterwards when my model sees the finished drawing, to know how they were feeling when I drew them, how I've captured their essence, their sexuality, the eroticness of the situation, they realise how much I've seen...........