Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Reviewing the year

Well another year gone, and lots happening in it...

I feel now that I am more established as an artist, proved by my ability this year to take three of my old paintings and re-vamp them to make them far more interesting than they were before, which brought my spiritual healer friend to label me the "Alchemist Artist" - a title I adore!

I've painted dogs, and captured their essence and spirit so much that I was asked why I didn't paint dogs full time and apply to Crufts to be their official painter. Mmm.... nice idea, but not *quite* as exciting as doing erotic art.... LOL

I've also painted people and houses, conjuring happy emotions with their depictions for the people that they are aimed at.

As the year has progressed, I've got more involved with being a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists, being their report writer for the times I've been at the event days, and more importantly being featured in the latest Guild book, which is a great step forward for me, both to be in it, as well as being featured along side such other great artists, photographers and sculptors. That's a great accolade. The book has had great reviews and the Guild intends to go on from strength to strength.

I've sold more artwork to the USA this year, which is great that my work is going a bit further around the world.

But, best of all, is the "Queyntes" series - the fantasy fanny project that started as a wonderful idea, and has proved itself as such by the vast positive response to it that I felt that I needed to exhibit them somewhere quickly. The best place being the "Erotica" show at Olympia, London. I've never worked so hard as I did to get that show in place in such a short space of time - but it was worth it for the chance to do an exhibition, a chance to show the fantasy fannies. And that in turn meant that I met quite a few bloggers - some of whom had their "Queynte" on show. So that was a wonderful experience too. As was seeing and hearing the wonderfully positive and upbeat responses to the "Queyntes" at Erotica from people who knew nothing about them and had never seen them before. Fabulous experience!!!

And since then, I've been experimenting with the the same bright and vivid abstract way of painting, and that has carried me on with new ideas and I think it will continue to do so......

So..... on to the new year. And what will that bring with it? Well my spiritual healer friend has finally finished writing her book on unicorns, so I shall now have the chance to illustrate it for her - something that I am looking forward to immensely. Plus I still have more "Queyntes" to paint - I count that as an on-going project, and hope to promote them in other places, and maybe even find another suitable venue for a bigger exhibition of them. Plus this abstract way of painting has also picked up other people who are interested in that way of painting, so I think I may be using that elsewhere for less, er, intimate artwork! And I've put my name down for a watercolour workshop painting .... er.... flowers.... in the new year!!! Tee hee! Ya never know - maybe I'll become a "flower painter" full time....... LMAO ........Nah, I don't think so!!!!!!!!!

But also, the really lovely thing is that I've met some wonderful people through my art - people who have open minds, who feed my inspiration with their positive and helpful comments - people who I consider to be good friends. And that's a wonderful thing to have.

So for the new year - I wish you peace and happiness, good health, and joy being with the ones you love. And for me I hope I continue to paint and bring happiness through my art. So I'll leave you with this image at the end of the year - the same subject as last year, but a different image - of a unicorn, the same one I used as my Christmas card, to bring light and love to you in the year ahead.

Monday, 29 December 2008


Now we've got Christmas out of the way, I thought I'd share with you the letter I've had from the chap I drew the other week. He's happy for me to show his letter here, as well as the drawings I did of him....

Dear Jackie

I have knocked out this piece about the sitting at your home on December 3rd. I have allowed my memories to filter down over the weeks and have tried to make them representative of my experience. Should you like to use it in your blob (or is it blog) please free free. Everyone who has seen the drawings are impressed by them both the quality of your work and my temerity in being pictures in such a way (as they think) and the audacity of my showing them with great pride.

Regards Stuart

..... For some time now I have entertained the idea of commissioning a life study of myself by a competent artist although I am aged 72 but in fairly good shape. My resolve to accomplish this ambition was accentuated when I attended a life class workshop. I was was enthralled by the craft of the male nude model and his ability to remain absolutely still for very long periods. "I would like to try that myself", I thought and so I enquired as to the possibility of finding a local artist who would be willing to execute the commission. A few weeks later I received a recommendation for Jackie Adshead, a professional, versatile artist who specialises in erotic art.

I contacted Jackie by phone and she agreed to undertake the commission as soon as she had reduced her current workload.

One thing I have lacked during my lifetime is super confidence. As soon as I had realised I would be posing nude feelings of apprehension engulfed me. Would I have the nerve to divest myself of clothing in front of a woman and an attractive one, as I later found out. Only my wife had seen me naked since I reached adulthood except for a few medical men and women. However, when the day arrived to visit Jackie at her home for the sittings, I was strangely calm. She ushered me in and made me feel at home with her friendly, confident, professional approach which installed confidence in me. We had a short general conversation before she showed me some of her beautiful work and described some of the media in which she worked. I elected to have two drawings in graphite on A3 paper. We decided that the first pose would be seated and reading a book. The second would be on a couch with me in a supine position. Jackie decided that a standing pose might prove difficult and tiring for a beginner.

In the drawings I wanted to make a statement:- "This is me as God made me and I have nothing to hide or be ashamed". I would also ask Jackie "What do you see" and the answer would be in her depiction. My desire was to see myself as others see me and not through the lens of a camera. The drawings must be frank as I did not want any coyness or false modesty in them.

With the chair in which I was to pose in place the moment of truth had arrived for me to take the plunge and divest myself of my clothing. The degree of success in Jackies introduction could be judged by the confident way I walked nude across the room to assume my pose. It was strange, however, to be walking naked in someones home in front of a woman I had only known for a hour. Jackie had provided some of my favourite music as background, predominently the works of Beethoven. I also had a pleasant view through the window of the garden. We engaged in pleasant general conversation as Jackie worked and it soon became clear that we had enjoyed a common interest in local and social history. The conversation only flagged when Jackie was engaged in the execution of a challenging piece of drawing that demanded full conversation.
The time flew by and after about a hour and three quarters the first drawing was complete. My only inconvenience experienced during the time was the pressure points on my back caused by the chair became noticable. It amazed me that I had sat for that length of time and only noticed my lack of clothes when I glanced down. We had a break between poses when we enjoyed a cup of tea. I was so used to being nude that I did not bother to get dressed for such a short time. During the sitting no sexual thoughts crossed my mine. There is great beauty and innocence in the human body. At no time did I feel vulnerable as I trusted Jackie implicitly. Perhaps before a class of students I might be less comfortable.

The second drawing took only just a bit more than a hour. Both the drawings are magnificent and the more I see them the more I like them and they are among my most treasured processions. Not only has Jackie captured the essential me but also the essence of human nature with all its mysteries.

All in all, it was a very interesting and intriguing experience which I surprisingly enjoyed. I would certainly pose again. One occurence amused me when I was getting myself in position for the second pose. Jackie requested "Could you lower your right leg, I cannot see your genitals", It took me totally by surprise. I met Jackie a few days later and she recognised me fully clothed!

Thank you Jackie. I will never forget you!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Decorating with light

Christmas is hard work..... there's always a lot to do.....

....but when it's done, its a magical time.....

Decorating the house with light and colour, the kitchen filled with tantalising aromas, interesting packages to give and receive in return. But sometimes the gifts aren't the ones you're expecting. I've received three gifts this week which have given me a lot of pleasure.... one was the go ahead for a very interesting commission, one which I shall enjoy doing in the new year, one was the totally unexpected but very welcome gift of sweet biscuits from a previous buyer of my artwork from a land across the seas, and one was a delightfully long letter from the 72 year old chap who I drew the other week who wanted me to know how much he had enjoyed the experience, and since he writes a column in a local paper wanted to know if I'd be happy with him writing about the experience of my drawing him, and yes I'm very happy at that thought....

So.... lovely gifts already. Of art, and the kind words and deeds that have come back in return...........

So I'll take this opportunity to say - may the seasons spirit bring you love, joy, inspiration and prosperity. Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Analysing me

I've been thinking about a conversation I've had with a good friend of mine this week (albeit by email, and albeit with many miles and the Atlantic ocean between us!). I've been thinking and analysing why I like painting erotic art and its interesting for me to look at it in depth, because a few people have asked me recently WHY I do erotic art. And there are quite a few reasons WHY. Some deep, some less so......

......its certainly an intellectual exercise for me, and I've always said that painting a picture is only one tenth of the thought process of producing it. But I also want my audience to think about the painting too, to react to it (hopefully in a positive way) so I try to involve subtle clues in various places, some intended, some created by serendipity and kept, and some are even found when I've not even known about them! So then the viewer will get whichever messages they've picked up and if its erotic, their mind will start to think erotic thoughts... I understand the thoughts I've INTENDED to put in the painting, but sometimes I find thoughts I hadn't considered are there. Wow! I love it when that happens! Because as my friend so eloquently says there is no more mystery or intrigue for me when I create a painting than there is for the author of a detective novel who knows which character committed the murder long before the last chapter...... and that is indeed true for the intended reactions. BUT this is one of the reasons why I like erotic art - that people will have different reactions to it than they would JUST looking at a pretty landscape or vase of flowers - then the reaction is just "that's nice!"- BUT for me to depict erotic art, I have to have a good understanding of what people like in a picture, and as an erotic image, what happens within their brain, and then I have to get in there and try to capture all of what they like, and put it down on paper to make them like it even more through shapes, line and colour! Its a sort of psychological visual conversation and communication. I want my images to be more spiritual and intuitive and emotional than "just a vase of flowers" - which I am very capable of painting, but am not inspired by it as a subject matter - there is no emotional commitment or exchange between the viewer and the artist.

So that's one of the reasons I like painting erotic art - the communication between me and the viewer.

And which is probably why I write a blog about being an erotic artist too!!! :)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Queynte 13

I've not shown you a picture for a while, so thought it about time I did! Here's the latest Fantasy Fanny - introducing Queynte 13.......

Friday, 12 December 2008

Whatever turns you on

I've had a few conversations this week with different people, talking about what I do as an Erotic Artist, and a couple of times I've found myself saying "And I look at a naked body I'm drawing in exactly the same way that I look at a vase of flowers or milk jug, and get turned on by them as much as I do looking at a vase of flowers or a milk jug - which is not at all!" (just incase you're thinking I'm some sort of weird woman who has a strange attraction for erotic tea parties with milk jugs!). Twice I've been told this week that I have an interesting life as an Erotic Artist, and I would agree that I have, but drawing naked bodies is "Work" as far as I'm concerned, and nothing else. Having said that if I'm not "working" I can look at a body and find it very attractive, sometimes. I suppose it depends on which part of my brain is working - "work" or "pleasure". I know Lucy Felthouse has been asked the same sort of questions - whether she gets turned on by her erotic stories, and the answer is "No", and I can see why she says that. So is it a draw-back (if you'll excuse the pun!) that the sort of images that turn a lot of people on, leave me cold? Other people look at my images and get turned on, I look at them and admire a certain shade of colour within the picture, or the way a line is drawn.... but then I'm analysing them as work! :)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Dear Jackie....

I've had a letter from the elderly chap I drew last week saying how much he and his wife love the drawings, and thanking me. He was nervous before he met me but said that his misgivings were entirely misplaced, as my confidence, good humour, talent and friendliness assuaged all his fears! He said that he thought he would feel vulnerable once he was naked but that was not the case and at no point did he feel uncomfortable which speaks volumes for my manner. He found it a remarkable experience and one that he will never forget.

I'm touched that he has taken the time to write to me, and touched by his words.......

Friday, 5 December 2008

Good etiquette

Its an odd profession, being an Erotic Artist. I recognise it as being odd. This week for example, a man I'd never met before came to my house, and within an hour of walking through the door, he's stark naked. That's got to be odd, hasn't it? He also announced, before he got naked, that the only woman to see him naked, was his wife of 48 years. And now me. So it was a big thing for him to do. He said he felt trepidation before he arrived. I can understand that. It may be normal for me to be around naked people, but not everyone else is used to it. But after an hour of us chatting, and getting to know each other, he felt comfortable about taking his clothes off, and I politely turned away whilst he did. He settled in the seated pose we'd previously discussed, and we chatted whilst I drew him. And by the time I'd finished the drawing, he felt totally at ease, to the point that he was happily naked whilst we discussed the next pose and went straight into it. This pose was his choice, as he wanted a lying down pose. So he lay as he had envisioned the pose, and asked me what I thought of it. I said quite matter-of-factly "Well, I can't see your genitals in that position" which amused him, and he shifted his position slightly, so that I could. He sniggered about that comment, as I drew him. And I said that I had presumed that was the point of the pose, that I could see them, and draw them accordingly! And he agreed, it was! We chatted alot about many subjects, he's a very interesting man whose lived an interesting life, and likes to try new experiences, which is why he finds himself in his 70's naked in my house!

He rang me the next day to say how pleased he was with the pictures I'd done of him, and the experience of it. Which was good to hear. He said he'd been in a local shop that morning and said to the shop assistant who he knows quite well "I was in this woman's house yesterday and she said to me, 'I can't see your genitals with your leg in that position'!!! "......... Mmmm... I think he's going to be getting a lot of mileage out of this new experience! It also turns out that a very good friend of his is another artist who I know quite well, and they are going to be having dinner together with their wives before Christmas, I can imagine that over the soup he's going to be saying "I was at this woman's house the other day and she said to me.... "I can't see your g....."!!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A change is as good as a rest

Since I first started doing the Fantasy Fannies a couple of months ago, all I've been thinking about is them . Female art. Very abstract feminine female art. But this week brings with it the wind of change, and I am now involved in some masculine art. I have been asked to draw a guy. He's never been drawn naked before, but he's interested in art and has decided that he would like to be drawn. He's led an interesting life, and I think he will enjoy this experience. He wants a woman to draw him, rather than a man. And to start with, when I heard that, I wondered if there was an "ulterior motive" - because I am very aware that some guys might think that if there's a woman who's an erotic artist drawing them, then they might get more than a painting out of it! So I have to make that clear from the start, that it is "work" for me, and it will be "hard work" for them. He understands that. He says he is feeling some trepidation at meeting me. I can understand that, its a new experience for him. Its all quite normal for me. But drawing him will be a first for me - he's a chap in his 70's, and when he asked me if I'd ever painted a pensioner before, I had to say I hadn't!

And to add to this, this morning I had a younger guy ring me wanting me to do a "bedroom picture" for him. We were on the phone for an hour, and it took a lot of gentle chit-chat to find out what he wanted exactly. He probably has never had the sort of conversation we had, before, and I must admit it struck me as amusing and novel! Because his "bedroom picture" was more than just a sensual nude sitting in a chair, artfully lit. He was a bit more specific than that. He wanted a woman in the picture, a woman with very large breasts, and he wanted her "doing something" - ok, I agreed, I could do that. What exactly did he imagine she was doing? Well, it seemed he wanted her doing something quite specific, to a man to be exact. And he wanted the man to be himself. Ok, I see, well yes, that was possible, I could do that, and agreed it was indeed a "bedroom picture"! He said he was happy to pose for the drawing, which helps, because if I'm drawing him, it might as well be him. He's never posed before, and thought that the opportunity would be "good" for him. I can see that he might think that! But I made it very clear that it was highly unlikely that I was going to find a model, a) specifically one who fits his description of the woman of his dreams, who was b) going to pose, and c) going to do what he specifically wanted. But the point is that I can take various images from various sources and put them all together, to compose the image he wants. So I probably deflated his fantasy, in reality anyway. But I know I can create it on paper for him. And that's what I do. I paint peoples dreams. He's come to me with an idea, and we've discussed it, I can picture it, he can picture it, so now I have to get inside his head, and draw that image on paper so that everytime he looks at it on his bedroom wall, he feels hot and horny, looking at that image................................. Should be fun! :)

But I get the impression from the conversations with these two guys, that they feel happier being drawn by a woman artist , than a male artist. And I can understand that, most hetrosexual men don't seem to be happy being naked infront of another man. They feel more comfortable with a woman.... it makes sense....... and gives me more work!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Feedback and feed forward

I've had some really lovely feedback regarding the Fantasy Fannies, since I did the Erotica exhibition last week ....... "Wow! A celebration of women and sexuality done in such style. Well done!" .... "The single most amazing and unique thing I've seen - what a gift! Best of luck" ....."Fantastic and a lot of fun. Never seen something so weird look so beautiful!!" ...."Superb, subtle, sexy!" ..."These paintings are amazing!"....."Beautiful flowers!".......

.......its always good to get feedback, to know that others appreciate the work too... So thank you to those who told me that my stand was the best thing at Erotica, its very much appreciated!!!

And whilst we're hurtling along towards Christmas, I'll mention that I still have the ideal Christmas gift for erotic art lovers - the newly published Guild of Erotic Artists Book Volume 2 at £22.99 plus packaging and transport costs. And as well as that I have the Guild of Erotic Artists Book Volume 1 at £10 plus packaging and transport costs. Or £30 for the two - what a bargain! - (plus packaging and transport costs). I featured Volume 2 the other week and the details are here. Volume 1 is pictured here and is equally as lovely and has 160 full colour pages of 25 featured artists/photographers/sculptors (but not of me, it was printed before I joined the Guild). It measures 11 x 8 1/2 inches. Both books are soft back and are ideal Christmas gifts, individually or together......... email me if you're interested.......

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Erotica'd !!!!

Phew, well I'm back, I did it, and BOY was it FUN!!!!!! and also bloody hard work - I'm not used to standing on my feet for twelve hours non stop, and trying to sell at the same time!

Right, to start at the beginning..........

When I arrived on my stand, I was firstly struck by how small it was, and secondly by how badly lit it was. I hadn't ordered lighting for the stand as I had been told that it was light enough up on the gallery where I was situated. Well, that was true, to a degree, and in some places it was light enough, but not where I was! So, off to pay for some lighting and even though it added to the overall costs by a large amount, it was well worth every penny of it! Because my stand "shone" with the lighting on the vibrant fannies! It took me five hours to dress the tiny stand (including hanging around for the electricians to do the lights). But at the end I was happy I had done the best with what I had. Then, back to the hotel for an early night, and then..........

The first day, and I had been told by someone who has exhibited there many times, to watch the body language of the people passing, and I learnt during that day what that meant. Because some people walked past my stand without even a glimmer of interest at it, me, or anything. Of course that may have had something to do with the fact that on the next stand were two gorgeous virtually topless girls (except for their tasselled nipple cups and very little else). But also, I know that not everyone likes art, regardless of the subject matter (and I thought it was reasonably interesting.......................... ) :)

Anyway....... I learnt during that first day to watch the people, and their reactions. Some smiled at the "Fantasy Fannies" title, some smiled at the art. A lot of them loved the bright vivid colours, and a few of them went a REAL WOOOWWWWWW over my paintings, and the concept they convey. One woman got really very emotional over the beauty of them, which deeply touched me. The fannies are everything I love in art - a unique personalised portrait of a part of your body that normally isn't painted, they are bright and vibrant, they are a private joke, and the most interesting of conversation pieces - how good is that!!!?? and certainly those who understood the concept, loved it!!!!! A success then! Well, yes, it was for the effect the fannies had on the viewing public. But not on the other artwork I'd taken with me. There wasn't a vast amount of interest in it at all, but that may have been partly due to the smallness of the stand and not being able to display it properly. It was certainly worth taking though, so people could see what I was capable of. One of the highlights of the show was when a complete stranger said to me "You're a clever girl aren't you?" and one woman said that my "fannies" were the best thing at Erotica! Wow! Really???

I certainly had a lot of interest in them. Women really related to them, and some men did too. I'm happy to paint "cocks" as well as fannies, but this project is so new, I haven't had chance yet. I was asked if I'd paint one of the fannies for an erotic museum, and if I'd like to exhibit them at swinging events in clubs in London, New York and San Francisco. I also discussed the possibility of the fannies being in an article for a raunchy women's magazine, so I think that the promotion of them has started now, and that will open other doors.

And as you would expect, there were some interesting visitors there. Most people were dressed quite ordinarily, and then there were the more, er, interesting ones - the man in the auburn wig and the "fat suit" dressed as an exotic female dancer, complete with sagging pointy boobs in a red pvc peephole bra, and matching thong hanging down at the back, with a wodge of black public hair at the front, was a scream. The girl as the "dog" on all fours being led around on a collar and lead was cute, the various slaves in collars and leads was to be expected, the girls in corsets looked luscious, the men in dresses, the transvestites, and the cross dressers, all added to the fun of the show. And that's what I love about it so much, the dressing up aspect, and "playtime for adults" aspect of it.

And of course, the friends who visited, some travelling quite some distances to go to the show. It was really really great to see them, and catch up with their news. And best of all, was the bloggers who went - six that I know 0f, and some of them had their fannies on the wall for the world to see. And of those who made themselves known, it was great for me to put faces and names to their fannies.

So, all in all, a good success. I just hope I've "sold" the idea enough for others to want to participate.

Oh, and most amusing moments - were .......

When I was asked why I called myself "Fantasy Fannies" - and I replied " I don't!!!"

When I asked a woman if she had ever considered having her fanny painted and her reply was "No, I haven't, I'm not very happy with it at the moment" (that left me non-plussed!)

When I asked two women swingers if they wanted their fannies painting, and one replied "If I ever want it painted I send you a photo of me flange!"
So, picture of an exhibition. A fanny exhbition. Well, that's different, isn't it???

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Queynte 12

Phew, I've done it! Got 12 fannies to take with me to Erotica. I was hoping i'd get it done in time, burning the midnight oil. And here it is....

Monday, 17 November 2008

Coming ready or not

Right then! What's happening this week.....? Oh yes, I remember! EROTICA!!!! :)

I haven't stopped since I decided five weeks ago that I was going to do it. I knew it would be a huge learning curve and it certainly as been!! There's been so much preparation to do - find and buy various items like a browser, all the hanging equipment, picture mounts, decide which images I'm going to sell as prints, write an explanation of the Queyntes, and what to do if you want your own painting commissioned. Design my flyers, design a banner, get all the information to the printer, print some of it myself to keep the costs down, and even so, the printers bill alone would feed an African village for a year. And then pick up all the stuff from the printer, and insert the prints in the mounts, bag them all up in protective sleeves, sort out what original artwork I'm going to sell, and bag and price that. My lunch over the weekend was all of two minutes, standing by the fridge eating leftovers from the day before, before returning to work again. Because I want it all to be right. I want to be the best I can be in the time I've had to prepare, to show the visitors what I have and what I am. I know I've got something in everyones price range, from small items to large, presuming they like the images, and some other different artwork images from the fannies. I don't know what the response is going to be to the Fantasy Fannies but so far its all been promising.

When I collected the flyers from the printer on Friday, I quickly ascertained he'd printed a quarter of the flyers I'd asked for. So it was a good job I hadn't left it all to the last minute! I waited an hour or so whilst he printed off the other three thousand. He's a nice lad, and we happily chatted whilst he fed the copier with reams of paper and guillotined them afterwards. He told me that other customers of his had been in this week and seen my brightly coloured flyers depicting Queynte 2 with my details printed over the top, and the words "Fantasy Fannies" being very prominent, and had noticed them with great interest. One couple had been in, and the guy had seen the flyers and started sniggering to himself. His wife couldn't see what was funny, as he sniggered and mumbled about "fantasy fannies". He pointed it out to her, and she caught on straight away what she was looking at and said "Oh, yes, I see!!!!" and her man looked non-plussed and said "What?". The printer tactfully pointed out that he was looking at what it said it was! And still, the guy didn't get it! His wife had done by then, and was laughing, but he'd totally missed it! And I think, that's part of the fun of these paintings - its the ones in the know, enjoying a joke against those who aren't!!!

In the pub on Friday night, I went to say hi to a friend of mine, he was chatting to a mate of his who I didn't know, and introduced us by saying "Jackie paints fannies!" which quite understandable was a good conversation starter!!!! I spent the next five minutes explaining how and why exactly I paint fannies - to the great interest of my new acquaintance. He asked if I did willies too - and I said I certainly would! He was certainly interested in the idea!!!

Another friend of mine in the pub, who is very interested in art in general and this latest project, asked why I did erotic art. I said it was the most difficult art I could think of, and that was part of the appeal. But I like people, and this is just part of what makes an adult, the erotic side to us.

Right, on with the last few things I need to do - and I'm looking forward to meeting the bloggers who are planning on coming to meet me - Wow, meeting them in real life!!! Very exciting :)

The pull of art is great, and its one of the things I love so much about it.........

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Taking the abstraction a little further

Since I started doing the abstracts of the fannies, I've wondered if I could use abstracts for general erotic art, and have been following those ideas through with the three paintings I have here. One of the reasons I decided to do them, was to take the paintings with me to Erotica to see what sort of general response they get. I know the visitors to Erotica are used to seeing erotic art there, and some people may go with a view to buying a new painting for their wall, so I stand a reasonable chance of selling some, I hope.
The first one is called "Out and proud" and is a blue green and orange torso. I enjoyed painting the various shapes within the shadows and form of the body. The title relates to the state of her nipples!
The second is called "Black as night" and is a bit surreal with the lines on the body but it seems to work somehow - someone said that it looked like the bones in the body, which is an interesting concept!
The third one is lots of interplay between the shapes of the blues, reds, yellows and is called "Wishful thinking" and has a joke within the image, if you can see it??? :)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Insult to injury

After spending all week busily sorting out all the stuff I've got to do for Erotica, I managed a quick late night visit to my local pub the other night, and before I'd even walked through the door I was accosted by an acquaintance sitting outside with the smokers. The last time I'd seen him had been in the pub a couple of weeks ago, and I'd told him about the fanny paintings I've been working on, and at that time I hadn't found a venue to exhibit them, so had been discussing the options for that with him. Since every thing's moving incredibly fast at the moment, I'd forgotten he didn't know I've arranged to exhibit at Erotica in a couple of weeks. His opening comment to me was "Have you got a print of one of those fanny paintings, I really want one on my wall!" I stopped and had a chat with him, to ascertain which fanny he was referring to, when one of the girls sitting in the group he was with, started listening to the conversation and was obviously very interested in what I was talking about...... I didn't know her but we started chatting, and it turned out she was 19 years old, and most interested to know more about the subject. I sat and chatted with her (and hadn't even got my drink by then!) and explained about the fannies being the most delicious of private jokes, about them being a celebration of womanhood, about them being special for women, and that women really relate to them. Whilst we were chatting, there were a few ribald comments, as I would have expected, but one of the girls there was laughing about what we were talking about - and was coming out with various slang for the subject matter - one of which was "axe cut" - I've never heard that one before, and can't say I was enamoured with it. I wondered why the girl in question (who I know, and like) used the phrase - was she being amusing, or just drunken, or did she use the slang to cover her dislike about that part of her body? It made me wonder......... But her friend, was certainly interested in what I had to say about the fannies, and loved the idea, and took my business card so she could look at my website for herself....... And then I realised I hadn't answered the guy about whether I had prints of the fannies, I'll have to tell him next time I see him, and ask him more about the comment he made about his mother really liking them ..........

By then I was REALLY ready for a drink! So, to the bar, and started chatting with various friends old and new there. My big news is the fact I'd doing Erotica, its taking up so much of my time at the moment, and there was a lot of chat going on about other people who are going to Erotica too, as visitors. I hadn't realised it was so popular!! Various ribald comments again, and I had a chat with a guy I've seen there previously but not spoken to before, he was talking to his mates, and me, about pleasing a woman, and how different women are "down there" - I gather he's had many sexual partners - and listening to him speak, I can understand why men are so fascinated with this subject, and a lot of women keep quiet about it. We're all built differently, and none of us know what each other looks like. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the Fantasy Fanny paintings are causing so much interest.......

And as an aside - I've been talking to the printers about the advertising leaflets that I'm having printed for Erotica, along with the other stuff I'm doing. We've been discussing fonts and colour schemes and wording for the leaflets. I know that there are some colours to avoid, particularly with erotic art, and some colours that are more beneficial, so I was trying to stick with those, when the printer made the comment about "menstrual red" not being a good colour to use for the fannies. I was amused with his comment, which was meant as helpful, and taken by me as such, I'd never considered that a colour on my artists palette......... And there was me thinking scarlet was a GOOD colour!!!!!! :)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Queyntes 9, 10, 11.....

Well I'm still working frantically getting everything ready for Erotica, there's so much to do for a show - get the display ready, sort out the printers, sort out what I'm selling, and how, write up biographies, sort out price lists, the handouts, the more detailed write ups, contact people who might be interested in going, decide what I'm going to wear! And talking to other people who've exhibited there before and listen to their advice as to what I should be doing, not doing, wearing, not wearing, be aware of, how to deal with people, what sort of people to expect, what interest to expect, and all the other fine tuning that is connected with a show! Phew!!!!!!

And inbetween all that - PAINT!!!!! Because I want the best possible artwork I can take with me to show to everyone..... So, here are the latest Queyntes - numbers 8, 10 and 11. Painted in the same way as the previous ones, but all so very different, and personal, and beautiful in themselves, I think........

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happiness and sorrow

My mind's full of the Erotica show I'm doing in a couple of weeks but as well as that I've had a recent commission to complete. Its nothing to do with Erotica, and isn't in the slightest bit erotic in any way. But its been very important to do. Because its of a dead person. She died recently, and I was asked by her widower to paint his favourite photo of her. I've never met her, and had only a handful of photos to work from to produce the watercolour he wanted. And watercolours are always so difficult, because the slightest error will show, and I'd have to start again with a fresh piece of paper. So I painted the picture and was happy that I'd got a good likeness to the woman in the photos, but they were just split seconds of time when a camera has captured her expression. Did they capture her essence and soul as well? I framed the painting and took it along to the chap who'd commissioned it. It was wrapped up as I arrived, for transportation. I unwrapped it, and stood holding it to show him, and looked at him as I did it. As soon as he saw it, his face crumpled, and he said her name outloud as he burst into tears. I felt sorry for him, and told him so, but I also said it was the best reaction he could have given me. Tears! It meant I'd captured her. And I came away feeling warm within myself. That I have a talent to create artwork that evokes happy emotion like that. I feel that I've served my purpose. I'm sure he will spend long quiet and poignant hours looking at that painting, and remembering the happy life they had together. Sad memories, but happy ones too.

So that was a bit of sadness, but also this week I've contacted the woman whose fanny is Queynte 10, and told her I'd finished her painting. And was delighted at her response - tears of happiness! Wow! I still find it humbling the reaction my art has on people.

So, now I've just got to crack the secret of appealing to the visitors to"Erotica" !!!! LOL

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

London here I come

Right, my blogging's been quiet recently because I've not had chance to do it along with everything else on my plate at the moment! Not that things are going to lessen in the near future either.........

After a lot of consideration regarding the Fantasy Fanny "Queynte" paintings, and the best place to hang them, I've decided to by-pass a "proper" gallery, for the moment anyway, as most of them won't be interested because of the content of the subject matter, plus they will want at least half my takings in gallery commission, so if I can do it without them, I'll try! Its always a difficult decision whether to use a gallery, or try without one. So, to this end, I needed to find a venue that had people who like art and people who like erotica, and people who are likely to want to buy it. MMm........ Ah, yes, I can think of a place that fits that description exactly! So I rang up last week to speak to the organisers to find that there wasn't any "art gallery space" left. "Ok, then, I'll forget that idea, hey but hang on a minute, is there anywhere else within the venue that I can exhibit my art?" And lo and behold - there is!!!!!! YAY!!!! So - the venue is EROTICA 2008 at Olympia in London on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd November, and the rest of the information you should need regarding what else is happening at EROTICA, will be on the EROTICA website. My stand is a small one, upstairs, away from the main art gallery, but still exhibiting at Erotica. And as far as I'm concerned, its the ideal place for me to take my fannies. I think they will be different to the other erotic artwork there, and hopefully I'll sell some commissions to anyone who wants one, but also, the bloggers who already have had theirs done, will have the opportunity to come a view theirs too, if they so wish. And to meet me too, if they want to.

This is all big stuff for me, but from the reaction I've had from people so far, I think the Fantasy Fanny collection has touched a chord somewhere for women, so this venue is the place where I find out if my thoughts are correct........

Oh, and the latest fanny is complete and here it is......Queynte 8.
Right, now I'm busy on to the next ones......

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Like a swan

I'm like a swan at the moment as far as blogging is concerned - it all looks very serene at the moment on the surface but there is terrific and frantic paddling underneath!!!

I have many many things on the go at the moment - sorting out the new venue for the erotic artwork, which I will tell you about very soon, I promise! Frantically painting Fantasy Fanny/Queynte paintings, updating my website, and being involved with the Guild of Erotic Artists and everything they are doing at the moment!

One of the things they are "doing" is their latest book - of which I am featured in!!!! A whole chapter! YAYYYYY!!!! I wrote my chapter for it back in April, and sent the artwork to be edited, and the other contributors have been doing their chapters over the last few months, but now its published and it looks really good! I picked my copies up on Sunday at the Guild Event day, and have some to sell if anyone is interested? It's a beautiful high quality soft-back "coffee table" book featuring the work of 32 artists/photographers/sculptors and would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present for anyone who likes erotic art. Each person featured has six pages about them, with lots of their artwork. It's approximately 11 x 8 inches, has 200 pages in full colour (although some of the erotic photos are black and white, if that makes sense!) It is for sale at £22.99 plus postage and packing. If anyone is interested in buying any copies from me, please contact me for more details. I've featured the photos of it here, although they aren't good photos as the pages are shiny and the flash has shown up on some of them - but it gives a good idea of my pages, so you can see what I'm talking about. The white blob on the torso on the front cover is the flash and not actually part of the image on the cover. All my images featured in my chapter of the book are on my website and a couple of them were done for bloggers......... if you recognise them! :)

Friday, 17 October 2008

The right place

Well, guess what! After a very busy few days making phone calls, and talking to various people - I think I've found the IDEAL place to exhibit my Queynte paintings. Not only is it the ideal venue, it is also has the right timing, in that it will be SOON................

I can't tell you any more until I have confirmation - but I'll let you know as soon as I've had it!!!! :)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Fannying around

Well, the Fantasy Fanny project is certainly taking off - and I've got the Queyntes featured properly on my website now too - in their own gallery, because they shine like jewels there and I didn't want them to be rubbing up against (so to speak!!!) other paintings as I think they should be viewed alone as a collection, and the way things are going, the collection is certainly growing on a global level!

The next batch (what is the collective term for a group of fannies? - A "snatch" maybe???!!) of photos are coming in now, and to my delight some of them feature piercings. How exciting! And something that I want to incorporate if the owner of the piercing is happy for me to do so. I think that it all adds to the project in that most piercings aren't normally seen, and a lot of people wonder "where exactly?" the piercings ARE, so the paintings with the piercings will explain that, certainly! Plus, I love to see how the jewellery adds to the beauty of the area they are enhancing, and I can show that in the paintings themselves. It will also personalise the area, which is no doubt one of the reasons the owner has it done in the first place.

And the feedback for the paintings has been interesting in "real life" too - I had the chance to talk to a woman doctor last week, and told her about my new project, which interested her greatly. She said that she'd seen enough fannies to last her a life-time! (which amused me greatly!!!) but it wasn't a part of the body she found particularly attractive, and yet after she'd viewed my paintings she said how lovely the paintings were, and how wonderful the colours, and she felt it was the best art of mine she had seen, which compared to the lack of her interest in the subject matter was doubly astonishing, she felt!!!! Wow!

I also saw some friends over the weekend and was interested in showing them the paintings, as she is a psychologist and he an architect, so the feedback from them was going to be of great interest to me as it would relate to people and art. And interestingly enough, she *loved* them, and he *liked them alot* but found the colours a bit too vibrant for his tastes. They were both very interested in the art for women aspect of them, and both very very positive about them. The psychologist said that a lot of women who she sees have "dark feelings" about their vaginas, so she particularly loved the "energy" within my bright paintings.

And I'm also finding it interesting who is "not interested" in this subject too - whether its because of personal choice such as the "Thank you Jackie, but we don't feel your artwork is appropriate for what we do" type of comments. Or the, "Well I think the art is wonderful but I don't think the school where I work is the right place to exhibit it!" type of comments! Its showing me that I have a "niche market" - I just have to find the right niche to exhibit it in!!!! :)

I think that I'm starting to find the pattern of this collection of paintings too -that women "love" them, and men are left feeling a little bemused, I think.

And thankyou to the bloggers who have linked to me because of their support in this project, I really appreciate it, especially as they've all been done because you've wanted to do it, not because I've asked you to, that makes it even more special!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The art speaks for itself

It's stuck me recently the huge effect these "Fantasy Fannies" have had on people - especially women. And the difference between them and anything else I've painted EVER before. I've painted loads of things in my life - and hope I continue to do so - and I've had some wonderfully positive reactions to things I've painted - tears of happiness, tears of recognition, acknowledgement of emotions or past happy memories, wonder at techniques for painting eyes and capturing the soul of an animal, wonder at the likeness of a favourite pet, excitement at secrets hidden within a painting, joy of erotic experiences captured in my artwork. All positive, and personal. And to a point, I know that its because the person who has seen the painting I've painted for them, knows me a bit as a person too. Even the bloggers who have bought artwork from me, know a bit about me from my blog, or website. They may not know me as a person, or would even recognise me if we were to meet face to face, but they know me a little as a character.

And then I unveiled the fantasy fanny "Queyntes" on my blog. And sat back, and waited quietly for the comments...... And boy, was I surprised at them - at the fact that complete unknown bloggers came to look at them, through other bloggers pointing the way through their own sites - "There's Jackies artwork- go and have a look at it!" and they came, in their droves to look. And see. And comment. And email me. And............. to ask me to paint theirs too. Wow! What interest!What a response! What HAVE I done I wondered? What HAS my artwork done? And you know what - its done exactly what artwork should do

............................... it's spoken to you.........................

Its touched a nerve, its made you think, its spoken to something deep inside you, its made you happy, its made you want to join in. Its touched you............

And that is what art should do. And its MY art that's done it. And most of you don't know ME as such, so my personality is of no concern, its my ART that has done it, standing up, on its OWN. And I find that AWESOME.

Truely awesome.

And the fact I was voted in the top 3 for Sugasm too, for the first time, just adds to the Wow factor.......

Friday, 3 October 2008

What a reaction

I met a young woman last night through an acquaintance. It was the first time we'd met, and neither of us knew the other existed before we laid eyes on each other. We were introduced, and the conversation turned to generalities, as it does. I said a jokey throw away comment about male models, and then the conversation turned to art, and I explained that I was an erotic artist. The young woman thought that was wonderful, her fella was totally taken aback (since he knows me for another reason and has no idea I'm an artist of any kind, let alone erotic art!!!!). I chatted then with the woman, who was fascinated in the subject, and I went on to tell her about my latest project with the "Fantasy fannies" which delighted her on all levels! I then went to get the paintings to show them to her properly, and she loved them. Really really loved them! Her fella wasn't so sure, and before I showed them to him he said "You're scaring me now!" - I know he has a dry sense of humour, that greatly amuses me, but I wasn't sure whether he was serious or not..... Maybe he was......

Is it scary for men?

Is it only women who "get" this idea?

He said after he's seen the paintings, that he liked them - he'd seen a landscape painting whilst on holiday that had appealed greatly to him, and it was painted in the same bright vibrant way. I said I could do him a landscape in that way if he wanted one, of the place of his choice. He was interested in my proposition.... but equally I think his woman was interested in the Fantasy fanny idea too......... and she says she has other girl friends who would be very interested in them too.

I have the idea they went home, with him saying "Bloody hell, I never knew Jackie did paintings like that!" and she saying "Mmmmm..... yes and I can just picture mine hanging above the fire in the living room" !!!!


And another thing I've been considering this week - is this.... I know I've had a wonderfully positive response from everyone who's seen the Fantasy fannies - but would any one buy one that is not theirs? Would a woman want another womans fanny hanging on her wall (if she was heterosexual, I mean, if she was bi or lesbian, I know I'd get a different answer to that question!). I think men might give me a different answer - but would they only want their girlfriends or wifes fanny hanging on the wall ? Or would they buy any of the ones they fancy? I'm wondering if only the owners of the "queyntes" would want to buy them? Have a created a total "niche" market? .....................And I know there's a pun in there, if you look closely enough.........

What do you think? Can you see any of the fannies hanging on your wall? Or only your own?

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Aftermath resounding bright and clear

Well, What a response!

It seems you all like my Fantasy Fannies then. :)

And I'm delighted that you do.

They're a big thing for me, and something I believe strongly in as an empowerment for women. I've had lots of positive feedback both through the comments and by email. Women telling me that they have had problems accepting that part of their body, but to see their "Queynte" in glorious techni-colour detail has made them realise it is a thing of beauty to be admired. One woman told me she is a blatant exhibitionist and this is the ultimate exhibitionism for her!

A guy I know has said how wonderful the colours are. That he is drawn to bright and well-defined colours and that the similar palette creates a kinship among the portrayals. The bright colours denote energy and emotion, ever moving, ever changing, and focusing on the opening itself. They radiate life, just as a woman does, even though her actual colours are more subdued.
He commented that vaginas are as individual as faces, and drawn in this multi-hued way the features take on added beauty. He particularly liked the detail of the interiors, the folds and the crevices, and the fact that for some women the opening is quite evident, while for others it's hidden, waiting to be discovered. He also really loved the nude woman hidden in the detail of each portrait.

One of the best comments I had was from a woman who referred to the images as "spirited and spiritual" and that I had touched her on a primal level. I really loved that!

Another woman commented that the paintings are absolutely beautiful and that they are a reminder of what makes women so special, being able to give life but also commented on the complex nature of our beings, exemplified in the folds, crevices, curves, texture and smoothness of this entrance to our depths.

I've had interesting dialogues with Having my cake too - since the idea sprung up between the two of us semi-joking with each other a year ago, and then when we discussed it a bit further, we both realised the other was serious! Its been an empowerment for the both of us too. I realised that a lot of women don’t know what they look like down there – infact, only one of the participants has recognized her own from the painting, bearing in mind that I was working from photos sent to me from the participants, so I had presumed they had looked at them first!
We also discussed the fact that some women consider their vaginas to be ugly and the terrible mutilations some religions inflict on young girls. If any of this has helped to empower women, or helped them come to terms with the subject of the beauty of their own bodies, then I’m delighted. I’ve certainly learnt a lot!

And now that other women have seen them, they want their fanny painted too, and I'm delighted to say that already I have another twelve participants who are in the process of sending me photos for the next batch of Queyntes. I hope others do too.

This last week I have had many conversations with many people on the subject and its interesting to note the differences between the sex bloggers and the men and women I have chatted to in "real life". The sex bloggers have accepted it with open arms, and love it. But I've had slightly unexpected responses from other people. A broad-minded, creative and feminist woman wasn't greatly interested in what I consider to be a wonderful celebration of womanhood. A flirtatious and vibrant woman who I would have expected to be greatly interested in the subject, wasn't particularly, and yet most men I've mentioned it to are intrigued with it and want to know more. Am I back to the experiences I've had before of vanilla women not showing their interest in erotic art?

I attended a seminar at the weekend, to pick up more information about making a living as an artist, and found the session very useful. I was even able to ask specific questions relating to my own career and the projects I currently have on the go and how I am dealing with them. The tutor's answers were helpful and honest. Which is what I'd rather hear. But he doesn't think the Fantasy Fannies will work in real life, he thinks they will only work on the internet. I think he's wrong. I think there will be a lot of interest, in the right place. I just need to find the right place. I want these Fantasy Fannies to be exhibited somewhere together, so that people can see them. I know that some galleries will turn them down flat, and I also know that I have to find the right gallery for myself - because a gallery is for ME, not me for them. Maybe I'll have to do it privately then.

But one way or another, I want to do it.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Unveiling of the Queyntes

Well now, where was I? Oh, yes I remember! Fannies!! (or for the Americans amongst you Pussies!!).

Just to give you the background before I do the grand unveiling, I wrote a year ago (and it is a year, all but one day, now that I've checked, Wow!) about wanting to do the paintings as a celebration of womanhood - as bright and colourful abstracts of their most innermost secret places. The thought was that when someone has their portrait painted, its of their face with their name as the title - but in this case I wanted the names to be anonymous - so unless the participants reveal it, I won't say who they are. I originally asked for volunteers and at the time ten women contacted me, but I only received good enough photos from seven of them - and these are the original seven here. I hope that more women will be interested in having their "Queynte" painted and I would love to see them all part of an exhibition somewhere for the world to see - because just seeing the seven of them together is a beautiful thing already! I hope to sell any to anyone who is interesting in purchasing them - but at this moment I have no idea what price to put on them because I have put so much of MYSELF in them, I don't know how to put a financial value on it as yet (I will in time, I just need to think a bit about it for a while!). I painted them intuitively - which is a new concept for me - and one I like very much. It was the right way of painting them, as they are so personal, and abstract. The point of the abstraction was so that they, although anatomically correct, are hidden enough in colouring and some of the external shapes to hide the image for what it is. I want them to be hung on a wall so that anyone other than the people who know, would not know what they are - except for something exotic flower shapes maybe, that may just resemble something subconsciously and vaguely erotic.....
They are painted in acylics on 20 x 16 inch boards. The reason I used the acrylics was because I needed the paint to be bright and to dry quickly and cleanly, leaving me time to work intuitively and quickly without the annoyance of waiting for paint to dry (and losing the impetuous of the intuitive way of painting) or of the paint annoyingly merging into other colours and muddying the effect. I liked using the board as it absorbed the paint very quickly, leaving no room for error or a change of colour. Once the colour was put on the board, it stayed there, and other than brightening a colour here or there for more depth, I haven't overworked it to ruin the effect (always a concern for artists!).

At the moment, all the participants are bloggers, but that doesn't exclude any other woman from participating, I won't restrict it to that degree.

All the paintings have a woman hidden within the folds to remind you what the image is about.

I'm delighted with them - I've put so much of myself IN them, and they are EXACTLY what I predicted last year that I wanted them to be - bright, beautiful and SHAMELESS.

So, now they're here - what do you think of them.......

Monday, 22 September 2008

Huge positive effect

At least it was sunny and warm this time at the Guild of Erotic Artists Event day - so when I arrived, most people were already standing or sitting outside the building, chatting in the late summer sunshine. As I walked past I was aware of my photographer friend talking to a group of people, so I just patted her on the shoulder in greeting, she turned to see me and her face lit up and we hugged in greeting - then and she grabbed my hand and said "Come with me, I've got something I want to show you" - I happily followed her lead and she took me inside to a quiet corner and showed me the photos she'd taken recently - of the subject matter we'd spoken off two months ago, lovely submissive photos taken with an understanding and knowledge of the subject matter and full of sensuality. I thought they were gorgeous and told her so!

Very soon after that the entertainment started - the first part being the body caster who'd taken the body cast of the large breast last month, which he now presented to the delighted owner. And what a beautiful memento for her to hang on the wall! Afterwards she and I stood chatting about the attraction of large breasts, and how some women can use it to their advantage (!). She also told me that its nice to have a pseudonym (as all models seem to do) because that persona can do things that your normal everyday one can't. You can use more attitude, definitely! I told her that when I'd seen her have her makeup done last month, and stride off the stage in such a powerful way, I really loved the effect the makeup had on her in her outfit! And that in turn had led me on to painting a picture of a kiss - which I had incidental taken with me that day to hang on the gallery wall, when the guild secretary has time to rearrange the current artwork. She said she'd be interested to see it, since she had inspired the thought that had helped to create it so I'll show it to her when I get the chance. And maybe my painting in turn will lead someone else on to create something else....

The body caster was selling various casts during the day - it was interesting perusing his wares and seeing various nipples, fannies, breasts, and bums in pure white plaster or bronze. He also had small sculptures of women in various positions, although they obviously weren't casts unless he's visited Lilliput recently!

Then we were on to the first proper entertainment of the day - a burlesque performance by an attractive Eurasian girl who came on the stage in a bright red satin Chinese robe, her hair beautifully arranged with complementary black and red feathers, her mouth matching vibrant scarlet too. The music started with its rhythmic beat and she danced provocatively and sexily whilst she slowly stripped off first the robe, to reveal a red basque, then a red strapless bra under and finally after the large red feathered fans had been twirled to good erotic effect, she removed the bra to reveal two shiny red nipple discs! Rapturous applause from the audience - I don't know why, but the men really enjoyed the show!!

At this point I got chatting to the couple next to me - he's an erotic artist, and she is also an artist but of the more vanilla variety, although she knew a lot about erotic art and was a delight to talk to. We discussed what makes art "erotic" and the importance of a title. He talked about dealing with galleries and how artists and gallery owners quite often have a different view of the world!

Then it was on to the second demonstration of the day which was shrouded in mystery. No one seemed to know what it was about - so it came as some surprise to see my photographer friend get on the stage to introduce herself. She was so nervous, she needed notes, and this was a suprise in itself because she's confident, gregarious and extrovert normally. She explained that what she normally does is lightweight and frothy, images with a bit of fun about them. But she had had this "big idea" recently and wanted to explore it, and was going to show us now, she wanted to thank her husband for his support and "Jackie" she said, pointing a finger directly at me standing in the audience, for believing in her and encouraging her to do it!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I stood there with a huge grin on my face! Now I knew instantly what she was going to do!!

Then she left the stage and five models came on it - the black haired dominatrix dressed powerfully in maroon basque and long matching skirt, the four submissives, all with black hair and pale faces, in black basques, corsets, stockings, holdups and high heels, they gathered around her feet, as she looked down into the face of each one, taking their chins in her hand, as they looked adoringly at her, loving her, appealing to her, pleading with their eyes for her attention and ministrations. Handing out rope, a cane, or a paddle to her, she took each in turn from them and interacted with them. It was so sensual, so erotic, so beautiful to see. At the end anyone else could take photos if they wanted, then the models disappeared. My photographer friend had a lot of people chatting to her, but when there was chance, I went up to her and with a flat expression I said "I didn't like that". Her face dropped and I quickly said " I didn't like it, I LOVVVVVVED it!!!!!!!!!!!" and she said with great force "YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!" Followed by a big grin, and a hug, and went on to explain that she had SSOOOOO much wanted me to like it, how important it was for her, how nervous she had been to present it, and I hugged her as she shed a couple of tears and I realised the enormity of what she had done. I hugged her close and said "It was FUCKING AWESOME, what you've done!!!" And I meant it - she had captured something so very subtle, so fleeting, so beautiful, so truly EROTIC.

Later on I was stopped by her husband who thanked me for helping her so much. That she'd not been taken seriously as an erotic photographer before, but now she had proved to everyone that she WAS. And I agreed wholeheartedly that she was! He said I'd been so enthusiastic about her big idea and I explained to him that I as a creative person like to be around other people who are creative and positive, because that in turn feeds my creativity. I don't think partners of creative people always know what to say to help the creative person, so I was delighted to help - and even more so when I saw the results!!! Big Wow!!!!

Later on again when she'd quietened down from her euphoria, I told my photographer friend about MY "Big idea" about the fantasy fannies and what I hoped to do with them - she was intrigued with my description of them, and wanted to see more. Whilst she and I were chatting quietly, the body caster came up to me to say how much he liked my writing for the Event day reports - and I was touched that he'd taken the time to come over to tell me especially. But the Guild is about support and help and the exchange of advice and experiences.

In and around all of this happening, I also had a chat with another artist who had taken some of his artwork to be hung, as I had taken four more of mine to be hung, but until the Guild Secretary has chance to re-arrange the other artwork, they had to be stored to one side. I was interested in seeing his drawings as he, like me, does erotic landscapes. Although his are totally different to mine - his were simple pencil drawings depicting all sorts of weird and wonderful simple shapes, whereas I do coloured paintings hiding the erotic images more.

Whilst I was ferrying my paintings from the car I passed the guy who'd had his sexy low slung sports car cleaned last month by the topless car wash girls, I made a funny comment about him bringing it again for the same treatment, and he asked if I was offering! Ha ha - no I wasn't I grinned! Later on he said he wanted to look at my work, and it unfortunately wasn't until the end of the day that we were able to meet up again - I showed him the two paintings I currently have on the wall and he gave me his very forthright opinions about them, the style, the pricing, the colours used. Whereas he wasn't terribly enthusiastic over them, he didn't criticise them either, but his opinion was useful because he's made me think about who I need target regarding selling my work. He's running a seminar soon on the subject and I think I may well attend it......

One of the things I love about the guild is that the Event days have scantily dressed models standing around in basques and stockings, maybe chatting to someone in jeans and a tee shirt whilst conversations are going on about dominants and submissives, S and M, gay sex, nudity, as well as erotic art and all relating to it! As the Guild secretary commented - where else can you get such good entertainment over the year from your subscriptions!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

French fancy

Before I show you all of my many faceted fannies I'll just tell you about my holiday! I've just had a much well deserved week in the South of France and I just fell totally in love with the beautiful colours there. Such purity! Such lovely bright pastel shades. And the Cote d'Azure is so well named (well, perhaps they put some thought to it before they named it!) - the sea really IS azure. And clear. And so very appealing in its beautiful depths - you just want to dive in and luxuriate in it. And the buildings are gorgeous shades of yellow and orange, apricot, peach and cream, with shutters of blue or green. An artists paradise! I've taken loads of photos and can see loads of paintings coming from them. Big wow factor.

And today, before I've had chance to properly get my breath back, I've attended an art workshop and the title of it was "Mediterranean light"- how apt is that! The tutor did a beautiful pastel of Monte Carlo - and I was able to tell him with a grin that I was actually THERE on Tuesday!!!! Yay! So I could totally relate to the colours he was using and the viewpoint he was working from. I chose to do a panoramic viewpoint taken from a tiny hilltop village called Eze, just along the coast from Monte Carlo - and when he saw my photo he said that he'd stood in EXACTLY the same place to do the same painting! He reckoned there was loads of paint splattered around that viewpoint from all the artists that had stood in the very same spot! So I'm in illustrious company!! The painting has the bay of Nice in the far distance, the next cove is of Ville Franche, and the headland jutting into the ocean is Cap Ferrat. I'm pleased with the painting - its a good rendition of a beautiful view overlooking a beautiful part of the world. Very very beautiful...........

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Big big stuff

Well, you're not going to believe this - but after almost a year of talking about it - I've finally done it! And its turned out exactly as I had hoped as well as being far more than I had hoped - if that makes sense......

I've painted something so very close to my heart - something that may well be the "big thing" in my artistic life - maybe even the ultimate "thing" - I wonder, unless it moves me on to other even more important things. Maybe.

I need to explain more for you to understand what I'm talking about.......

I've been painting all my life - all of it - and the majority of what I've painted has been representational - in that it looks like whatever it is, and I've put my artistic talents into painting a good version of it in my own style. And anyone looking at the painting would know what it is and recognise it as such.

But my big dream of last year was to paint something so totally different, it was just a "feeling" - a strong one, but not at all my normal way of painting, and this is why I'm so totally excited about what I've done recently - because its pulled something out of me that I didn't fully recognise was there - its big stuff, this!!!

What I've painted, if you haven't already gathered, as the "Fantasy Fannies" that I've been wanting to paint for the last year since it was first mooted - and now that I've done them, I'm stunned by their beauty, their vibrancy, their life and soul, the very embodiment of them!

And the reason I'm so taken with them, is because of the way I've painted them - although they are drawn from the gynealogical photos I have, and are representational in their basic shapes - the way I have painted them is by "feeling" the abstract colour of each area. Normally, to paint an area in painting, I will look at the colour and think "Well, that's a bit of burnt sienna, with a touch of cobalt blue and maybe a little raw sienna to tone it down" - and that is the colour I'm seeing, so that is the colour I paint. But not with these fanny paintings - I will look at the area of colour I'm about to paint and I might think "Well, it looks pinky with a touch of purple going into yellow, but theres a bit of blue there too" - BUT what I will paint is the colour it feels like compared to the colours around it - and that may well be bright orange or lime green! And since the whole painting is painted that way - it makes for a very interesting and dynamic painting! But now that I've done quite a few of the paintings, when they are all viewed together, they have a HUGE WOW factor!!!!!! Fucking hell, YYEEEESSSSSSS !!!!!!!!

They're beautiful........... Really beautiful.

I've reached down into my soul to paint them - and it shows. Its like nothing else I've ever done before. Ever.

But you're going to have to wait a bit before I show them to you.....................