Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Queynte 16

Here she is - the next one in the Fantasy Fanny group - introducing Queynte Number 16.

It's surprised me how colourful she is (and I painted it!!!!) - a veritable rainbow of colour in this one. But those were the colours I saw when I looked at the photo I was working from, and that's what I've painted in this feminine abstract. I love them all though, whether they're bright or more muted colours, they all have their own personality and character. Perhaps they mimic the personality of the woman they belong to - but either way they are bright and beautiful, vibrant and full of life and vivacity.
What do you think?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Beautiful dreams

The last but one time I saw her, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her. I wanted her flat on her back with her legs in the air.

She complied, and naturally put her hand between her legs as she closed her eyes and smiled.......

And that was the pose I drew :)

But, somehow it didn't work. I think it was because I'd decided to work in natural light and it faded as I drew, so the lighting wasn't definite, but too defused. The picture was...................ok. Not good, but ...........ok.

This time when I saw her, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her. I wanted her flat on her back with her legs in the air.

And I'd try it again. But this time with better fixed artificial lighting. And I'd get it right this time.

So, that is what we did. And I was perfectly happy with that idea. Until I walked past her to get to the power socket to plug the light in.

As I turned, and saw her lying there, with the light on her. I knew I'd made a huge mistake. HUGE!

The pose was far far far better from the other side!!!!!!

So, I set up my easel on the other side of her, and drew her from there.

And here's the picture. Far far better than the first (which I've now ripped up and thrown away!). The picture is simple, and yet effective. Its got some lovely lines in it, and just the basic light catching her womanly body, lighting her breasts, stomach, face and limbs. Its called "Beautiful dreams" and as you look at it, you think its of a woman lying sleeping. Until you find her right hand. And then you smile as you realise what she's doing! LOL

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Digesting and regurgitating

Sometimes, (no, I'll change that to most of the time!) being an artist isn't about being an artist. Its also about being an administrator, an advertising hording, a listener, a chaser of information, and being able to digest the information I glean from other places, sift through it, and put it into other more practical uses for me as an artist. So when others talk of artwork they've produced, I listen, and when they talk of the response it gets, I listen. When other artists talk of a painting they've created, I listen. When someone gives me a book to read about selling art I read it. When I ask for advice, from someone whose opinion I value, I listen. And when I've got as much information as I think I need, I'll act on it. When I think the time is right. It may not be now. It may be some time in the near, or far, future. But I will use it, somehow........................

And part of that information has been updating my website this week. Nine new images. One new gallery - for "Tarses" - I do LOVE that word!!!!! Even though there is only ONE tarse in that gallery, it is a start. The start of many tarses, I think! MANY!!!!!!! :)

So, if you want to take a'll see.......................

Thursday, 13 August 2009

More fannies to come

The art demonstration on my website has been updated now and shows the different stages of the watercolour landscape painting "Joyeuse S and M" that I've been telling you about, from start to finish. Stage one, pick up pencil, stage two start drawing.... No, actually, its not that bad!!! LOL I think its quite interesting, seeing the original photo, seeing how the image starts and progresses bit by bit to the finished painting..................have a look at it and tell me if you agree.............

And whilst I'm having a sort out of things to do (an endless list that seems to grow longer each day even when I'm knocking a few things off the list daily!) I've found something that I've over looked. I know WHY I've overlooked it - because when I have a commission to do, that takes priority over the other "general" art - the stuff that I want to paint and I think will look good as a painting for an exhibition at some point. So now I've had chance to catch up on those sort of paintings, and I've realised what I've not done. I've not painted all the "fantasy fannies" yet. I still have some photos I've not produced paintings from.........................some from across the oceans in a land far far away......................

So... guess what I'll be doing as my next paintings......................more fannies! Followed, probably, by some fantasy willies, followed probably by an erotic couple in the living flame style..........well, that's the plan! And plans have a habit of being interrupted..............................! :)

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious. Sometimes you have to do some lateral thinking. I've been doing quite alot of that recently. Not that its brought me many answers yet, but I think it will, in time.

How can I make more money through my art.

What are the options? To paint more pictures and sell them, is the obvious one. To raise my profile would help a lot. To find a gallery who will fall in love with the existing art I have. The more I look at galleries the less I think that's likely to happen as my art is too much for some and not enough for others. MMm..... to start teaching art.... maybe......... To do more writing about my art is a possibility. To find more buyers/collectors is the best option, but its finding them. To promote myself more would help. To do more exhibitions/shows is a good idea presuming I can find the right ones.

But then, I wonder if I'm on the right track at all.

During a conversation last night I found out that locally you can get a sensual massage with "extras" for about three times the amount I consider to be my working hourly rate.

MMM...mmmmm... maybe I should change professions :)

Or better still, maybe I should offer for the same price the opportunity to be drawn whilst you're receiving your MMM....... maybe that would help!!! LOL

Monday, 3 August 2009

Finished it - Joyeuse S & M

I've enjoyed doing this painting - its been fun drawing it out, working out where I was going to hide the "s" and the "m". I think they're quite well hidden if you don't know what you're looking for, and obvious if you do - which I like, very much!! It appeals to me!

I've taken photos as I've gone along, as the recipients requested that I did that to show the different stages of the artwork. So, because of that I shall use this as my demo piece on my website so that you can see the process of creating a painting from scratch. I'll be putting that on my website soon.

I love the fact that the finished painting is better than the photograph I worked from. The photo flattened the depth but I've given more of an illusion of depth in the painting, so that you really feel that you're looking at a valley with the houses leading along towards the church. The colours requested were ochres, Mediterranean blues, light blues and greens, with only a few splashes of reds and oranges. I think it has a fresh quality to it, and I love the clarity of the blue shadows on the houses and the faded terracottas of the roof tiles.

I started with drawing the image out - and placing the "s" and "m" within the shapes of the landscape. Then I used masking fluid to protect the areas that are the white of the buildings. Then I could start to paint, and did a wet wash for the sky in cerulean blue with a touch of cobalt blue to add depth in places, and dabbing out the faded cloud shapes whilst creating the stronger white cloud on the left hand side to add interest as well as balance. Then the distant mountains were painted with cobalt blue, and after they had dried I painted the near hills in green gold, cobalt blue and french ultramarine for the deep shadows, and making a strong contrast for the church spire to stand out against and be the focal point. After that I painted the trees and grassy ares around the town in cobalt blue, cerulean blue, green gold and quinacridone gold. Then it was the darks of the houses in cobalt blue, cerulean blue, egypt violet and french ultramarine, and the red and oranges of the roofs in cadmium red and aurolin. By then all the areas had been painted and it was time to remove the masking fluid revealing the white paper underneath. And after that it was working over the whole of the painting to darken areas around the whites to make them stand out more, and add touches of deep colour to add depth to the painting. I think its taken me a little over 20 hours to create it.

So..............can you see them? .................the s and m?