Saturday, 31 October 2009

And she didn't even ask me to take my clothes off for her!

It was good to meet my new friend the other day, the guy who wants to pose for me. We got on well and both had loads to say to each other on various varied subjects.

And I like the fact he wants to remain anonymous. And his reasons for it.

All of which I can understand.....................

He's always been interested in art, and loves to look at it. He met a woman artist earlier this year who suggested he might make a good life drawing model. He'd never considered it before..... but the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of it. His wife thought it a good joke, which made him even more keen to do it. And prove her wrong.

He found me via the internet, but not in the place I presumed it would be when he first contacted me. It was via another, more.............. subtle link. But the link worked just the same. And after a chat on the phone, we agreed to meet this week. He'd already sent me a (clothed!) photo of himself, so I had an idea of what he looked like. I knew his name, age, and profession. And that he lived quite nearby.

He arrived. We chatted, over tea. And then some more tea. And more chat. He'd seen all my pictures on my website and liked the erotic and non erotic ones. I showed him some of the ones he'd seen, in the flesh, so to speak! :)

He told me why he wanted to pose for me, and I was interested in his reasons. Partly, so that he be part of the artistic endeavour,  partly to show his wife what he's done, but mostly because he'd got this desire to do something about the urge within him to do it.

And I'd like to help him. I know he was nervous. I know others have been nervous when they've come to me to be drawn, and I explained that I am professional enough, and experienced enough, to help him overcome his nervousness and hopefully we'll both enjoy the experience and I'll produce some good drawings of him. He may decide to become a model for life group, but before that great day arrives, he wants to model just for me, whilst he overcomes his nervousness, and learns the ropes. So to speak (that's probably not the right phrase for a model for an erotic artist.......... but you know what I mean!!!!).

And the thing he found most difficult during our initial meeting? The one thing he'd expected, and I didn't ask for........................................?

For him to take his clothes off.
For him to pose for me that day.
For him to overcome his nervousness.

I didn't ask him, because my time was tight, and I knew it was going to take time to set up a pose.  I wanted him to think about it, to think about my words and to be happy about the experience. But, also I wanted to be prepared, so that when he poses, I'll give him the best possible experience of it for his first time. I didn't want him to feel cold, uncomfortable, awkward, or find it unpleasant. And put him off it forever.

So, hopefully, we can do it soon. But not yet. I've got to get the stuff for Erotica done first. there's still loads to sort out........

But I could see his basic body shape, through his clothes. But..................... I still haven't seen the Prince Albert yet. time................................ :)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Abstracting the abstract

With Erotica coming up in a few weeks time, I wanted to do a painting to exhibit there, depiciting a tarse and a queyte in a sort of "abstract of an abstract" using only a very limited palette which would make a more decorative generic image rather than a specific one. So after I'd found the image of a fanny and a cock that I was happy with (and that's actually more difficult than you would imagine! Its not easy looking for either, I can tell you!!!!! LOL ). Anyway, after I'd eventually found the images I was happy with, I had to put them together in a design that was pleasing to the eye, but by using only the basic of shapes and tones to get the image across to the viewer. And added to that was whether to put the fanny to the left or the right of the cock. To start with, I thought it would  be better if the fanny was on the left of it, but they looked like they weren't very interested in each other (so to speak!) so the fanny went to the right, but then the image looked a bit more than I had planned, but it has to be this way to make them look like they are a pair - a "his and hers" of a painting. Then, once I'd drawn out the design I liked, I transferred it to a box canvas - its quite a large size - 40 x 20 inches plus the sides of the canva itself as I like it when the image goes around the corners of the canvas, it makes it more 3-D I think. I knew I wanted to do the  acrylic painting in creams and golds, although I had to have a slightly darker gold to make the depth of the image, and I've used white (well, actually very very very pale cream to look like white, otherwise the white looks dirty against the warmer creams). And the finished result? Well its here for you to view and I love it for its clean crisp lines, simplicity of shape and delicate colours. And I'd love to do it as a "hers and hers" or "his and his" painting too - and of course any colours can be used for it, to match exisiting decor. first "Tarse and Queynte" painting. But one of many, to come, I'm sure (so to speak!!!!).

Last night I was asked by a woman I know as a new aquaintance what my job was. When I told her I'm an Erotic Artist she was genuinely fascinated. And couldn't wait to look at my website when I started to tell her about the erotic landscape I'm working on at the moment. And I really enjoyed telling her about it....... I think most people are interested when I tell them.................. I just wish I had more buyers. I know I'm good at what I do, I have talent, and skill, people are interested in my art, I just need to sell more. But....... that's always something that I'm looking into. I've contacted the local airport today as they're asking for artists to exhibit at the terminal. Not with a view to selling, just to promote my art. Sounds very promising too!

And tomorrow should be interesting.... I have a visitor coming to see me. Someone I've never met before. A man. Who wants to pose for me. And he tells me he has a prince albert...............Mmm........ its not often that you mention that in your job description, is it!!!! LOL

Monday, 26 October 2009

You are a great read! - 10 things I do every day

Nitebyrd, lovely as she always  is, bestowed me with the You Are A Great Read! award. The rules are I have to tell you ten things I do every day and then pass it to ten others. So, here's 10 things I do every day:

1. Drink copious amounts of tea.
2. Plan my next painting, even when I'm painting my current one. If I don't, I lose the momentum.
3. Think of ways of becoming rich through my artistic abilities.
4. Make someone I care for, smile.
5. Look at trees and admire their beauty. Whatever the season. Or the weather.
6. Talk, to someone who's interested to listen. And also listen to someone I like to hear talking.
7. Learn something new.
8. Enjoy the feeling of warm water on my skin.
9. Create.
10. Feed as many of my senses as possible - taste, smell, sight, sound.........................and touch.

So, I'll pass this one on to......................mmm.......................... :

3.Spiky Zora Jones
4.Having my cake
5.Curvaceous Dee
6. Lucy Felthouse
7. Sweat shop sissy
8. Carnalis
9. Dantes 2nd inferno
10. Kinda like the girl next door

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Well this is a meeting of international proportions..... :)

First we have an English fanny - Queynte 20 - depicted in subtle muted tones but still painted in acrylics. Its a fanny I've already painted, but it has such interesting shapes I thought I'd see what it looked like if I just tried a basic colour range but still incorporating all the tones from white to dark brown to give me the depth I wanted. You can see the full colour version on my website here to see the comparison. I love them both, but think these muted toned ones hide the image a bit more for the less exhibitionistic amongst us.

And secondly we have an American cock in full and very strong vibrant colour making Tarse 2. A lot different to Tarse 1 that I painted earlier in the year, but that was for Fitzy and had to match the delicate tones of the living flame painting it is to hang next to. So that gave me full opportunity to depict this tarse in more vivid bright colours. The photo I worked from had good strong lighting in it which gave deep shadows and I was delighed to use those in the painting to trick the eye a little. Because its very difficult to hide the shape of male genitals as they look so very clearly what they are! So as I started painting, I was aware of that and put as many tricks in as I could to hide that fact, and thought I'd done quite well until I'd virtually finished and realised that all looked fine except the left had side of the painting, which made it very clear as to what the painting was. I found that if I blanked off that first fifth of the painting, the rest of it was so abstract as to be anything. Hmmmm....... in that case I'll incorporate some other shapes to confuse the eye. And that's what I did. Abstract shapes. That meant nothing. Except now I've done them, every time I look at them they remind me of something very particular. Perhaps its the way my mind works. Perhaps you can't see it. But I shall be interested to see if you do! And instead of taking them out, I shall leave them, as it makes me smile every time I look at them...........

And I love that I can always see other shapes within these paintings - various letters of the alphabet, a bird, and shapes that remind me of elephants, fire, dogs, deep space, and witches.......

Monday, 19 October 2009

And the sun always shines

It seems to be that the sun always shines at the Erotic Guild of Artists event days and this month was no exception.

The first and most important thing to consider when walking through the door though, after a warm hello to my friends, was a bacon butty cooked to order and a hot cup of tea. The Guild secretary told me that my artwork had been moved to another position in the studios and I had a quick look at it to see how it all appeared. The whole place looks good now though and I’m delighted to be part of the set up there.

After the food and drink had been consumed, it was time to socialise properly – and Bob and Sandra were the first I had a chat with. It was good to catch up with them and to talk about the various paintings that were on show in the centre of the room – one of which was my brightly coloured “Fantasy Fanny” paintings that looked really striking under the spotlights. There were a number of other erotic paintings by other artists there, and for some reason a large painting by Richard of many ducks. It looked somewhat incongruous against the erotic art until I joked that actually someone had commissioned him to paint a lot of “fucks” and he’d mis-heard! And it was actually an orgy!!!!!

It was nearing time to listen to the guild secretaris usual uplifting speech about how the Guild is progressing, when he decided to practice with the microphone, went outside, came back in to the gathered throng and announced “Sarah Jane’s outside being photographed with nothing on, well nearly nothing” and then wondered why the room immediately emptied just as he was ready to speak to everyone. There really wasn’t much contest, I’m sure he understood!!!! We all went outside whilst she posed very seductively in the warm sunshine, dressed (actually!) in a skimpy black pvc dress that clung in all the right places and showed off her sexy body to great effect. She’d got a number of interested photographers at her beck and call who were making the most of capturing her talents within their cameras.

Time to hear Colins speech, and he kindly thanked me for writing the event day reports as well as mentioning various other things of interest including thanking his brother Paul for NOT being there as he was currently over in Germany attending the Venus event! But poor Colin suddenly lost his power of speech when Sarah Jane in the audience infront of him decided to show off more of her charms than he’d currently seen and took great delight in doing so! I hadn’t seen what she had done, and asked her afterwards, and was as amused as everyone else at her rearranging her top for Colins benefit!

Back to more serious matters again, and Ken showed us all the beautiful sculpture he’d made of Nicoles elegant foot taken from the body cast he’d done last month. Unfortunately she wasn’t there to see it, but I’m sure she will be delighted with it when she does.

Time for more chatting and I was pleased to see Terry who I’d not seen for a while, and catch up with him. We talked of erotic art, and I gave my interpretation of it, and said its the most difficult of art to capture as it is fleeting and subtle, and we all have our own definitions of what is erotic, and what is not. I told him about all the different styles of art I do, and how I’d learnt them from attending many workshops over the years to hone my skills. He was fascinated listening to how my art background had developed and we discussed his interest in various things to do with art.

Meanwhile, two new visitors to the Guild – Caroline and Sheila, were happy to pose for photographers in subtle stages of undress, and must have found the experience pleasurable as they are considering joining the Guild soon.

Over in the corner over the course of the afternoon, Richard was quietly painting a beautiful butterfly on the small of Mel’s back. Apparently she is considering a tattoo there and having her body painted in that way gave her a good idea of how the finished tattoo would appear.

It was good to see Chris again and catch up with him. I’d recently met another artist who used to be in the Guild a few years ago, and was considering re-joining, who Chris knew from his connections with him some years ago, so I was delighted to make the connection with him, and add to the net-working that we artists do.

Later on at the end of the day, I was able to have a longer conversation with Richard and always find him a delightfully interesting chap to listen to. We talked of our various collectors, which an artist always aspires to look for, as its lovely when someone wants to fill their house with your work. Richard has more than me and has some fascinating tales to tell of fish, grizzly bears, an assortment of celebrities, and Royalty! He also showed me the many photos of the female bodies he’s painted with various amusing images. But no male bodies – they’re more difficult to do, apparently, because of copious amounts of body hair!

Time to go, a last chat with Silvee, who was pleased to hear her stand and mine at Erotica are close, because it means she can pull faces at me!!!!

Kisses and hugs as goodbyes are said, and then its off into the fading afternoon light with a warm feeling of a happy time spent with nice people.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Queyntes 18 and 19 seeing double

Well following on from my last blog post - it seems I've got a great success with the "Hot stuff" painting - and the person it is directly aimed at has fallen in love with it......... for all the right reasons! So I'm a very happy bunny! YAY!!!!

And so on to other things - another Fantasy Fanny to be exact. And I thought I'd try to do the painting just with shades of reds. It seemed a good idea when I started and I was confident that the painting would look good. But then it struck me that it might not be such a good idea after all., oh, very obvious reasons!!!! So, I looked hard at what I had painted so far and decided that turquoise and yellows would brighten it and enhance the painting considerably, and that's what I aimed at, and think they do, vastly! I love the colours in this one, and the turquoise adds greatly to the image, to me. But then I'm a big fan of turquoise! So, Queynte 18 it is! Ah, but, there's more to tell. Because I liked the shapes and the tones, and thought I'd try and do it again, but this time with muted colours on a block canvas to see how that went - and I'm delighted with that effect too! You can see its still the same image, but its more "decorative" in its abstraction - a sort of "abstract" abstract in a way! Which was an interesting concept to explore. So that's Queynte 19. Instead of naming it "Queynte 18 muted" which it technically is, I thought it should have its own title!

And I had some interesting feedback re the Fantasy Fannies today - telling me that it was a mistake to put the little woman logo within the picture because then it was obvious what the image was. If I left it out it would be more abstract, and considered more appealing too and I might sell more pictures. I disagree. I think she needs to be there to make the point, even if I lose sales because of it. But I'm interested to hear what you think....................

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Doubling the living flame with lust

At the beginning of this year I painted the "Living Flame" painting for a woman buyer in America. It was a style of painting I'd never done with this effect before and I loved the way it progressed. I'd used the "glazing" effect for landscapes and still life paintings but wasn't totally hooked on it until I used it to paint people. Far more interesting, I think! LOL

And then I was asked to do another commission for a buyer in England - Fitzy - who loved the effect too, and that was interesting for me to do it as a more masculine painting, darkening the tones and making it stronger and less feminine. And I loved that effect too...

But this then lead on to a collector of my work who lives in America to suggest I paint an erotic couple in this style. It was something I had considered as an excellent idea already so I was more than happy to explore the outcome. He was interested to see how a painting in this style would look. And so was I. I asked him for his ideas on poses and colours and he quietly commented that he wanted to see what I would on my own without much input from him. Ok, that's fair enough. I understand that he wanted to see what was in MY head rather than me replicate the images in his.

I've been thinking of the image since then, and have been considering various poses for the couple. When I first began I had considered they would be lying down and entwined with each other, but as I investigated into the viability of that, I soon realised that it wouldn't work well as a composition that I was happy with. Ok, then what would........................... and after a while I decided that a standing up pose would be better, hands exploring, but that almost made it less sensual and more sexual. I don't mind that, but it wasn't the effect I wanted. I wanted "erotic" rather than "blatant". I also wanted it as generic as I could make it, so didn't want facial features showing. Hhhmmm...... difficult.................

So, after a lot of images were considered and dismissed, I found one, one that showed the eroticism I was trying to convey, one that hid faces, one that was interesting as an image to look at. And I drew it out, and started painting it I was reasonably happy with it until I was nine tenths through the painting and realised that there were various aspects that I certainly WASN'T happy about. Ok. Sigh. And tear it up....................and ..........................sttttarrrrrrt again..................

Second version was a lot better. I was happier with the composition after I'd made a few small changes; I was happier with the rainbow of colours and how they interacted, and I was happier with the end result........... by a long way! So, here it is, in all its vibrant glory. An erotic couple, in love, their colours mingling, the fire from their lust igniting them, their love enveloping them, she pulls him close as he gently runs his finger up her thigh.

I think my favourite bit is that red curve on his bum......Mmm.... absolutely delicious !!!! :)

And the title?

There's only one that it can be...........

"Hot stuff"!!!!! :)

So..... would you consider yourself and your beloved painted as a portrait in this effect? Is it something you'd like me to paint............... for you?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

As featured in Jade magazine

My "Fantasy Fannies" are featured in a lovely uplifting article about me in Jade magazine this month. But I'm having problems being able to show it to you by uploading it to Blogger. So, I think the easiest way is that if you would like to see the article and read it for yourself, email me at and I will gladly send it to you in its entirity.

And will be most interested in hearing your comments on it afterwards.........

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dancing into the light

Well...........the de-clogging's worked so far! :)

I had a really nice arty day today attending a local workshop on the subject of dancers and movement in watercolour. A lot of my favourite subjects covered in that one then - people, dancers, watercolour, movement, and it also incorporated "lost and found edges" which is a definite passion of mine. Strange woman, you think to yourself. Why is she passionate about that? Well, I just love the way that the paint hides and finds the edges of the subject matter - particularly with people, and that in turn makes them look like they are IN the picture, not superimposed on top of it, which always looks stilted and awkward to me when I see it in other peoples paintings.

The tutor certainly knew his stuff and was talented, informative, well organised, and got us all working hard on two paintings over the course of the day. You could tell how involved we all were by the complete silence in the room (of about 20 people - mostly women, so incredible really!!! LOL ).

Here are my two paintings, I'm delighted with each of them. They both convey the subject matter beautifully and I really enjoyed doing them. And I really liked it when the tutor who worked his way around the room coming to each pupil in turn to look at how they were progressing got to me and said "You know how to paint!" "Yep!" I smiled back at him.... I do!
And for once, it was me who was surprised when I had a more general chat with the tutor. I'd not met him before, and knew nothing of him. He and I had a good chat over the lunch-break, and I mentioned that I'm an erotic artist and likened dancers to erotic art because of the interaction of the dancers and their movements. He agreed about the sensuality of that. I hadn't shocked him that much (makes a change!). He paused and conversationally said "There's a guild you can join, of erotic artists". "I know" I said "I'm in it!". "Oh!" he replied "I used to be!" and we compared notes on our experiences of it, the use of networking through it, and a joint connection of one guy in it. Small world? Mmm...... probably not. He did say that he might re-join again, and I said that if he goes to an Event Day I'll see him there probably........ that'll be nice, I'd like that!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

De clogging

I suppose we all get clogged up with life some of the time....................Sometimes its the things we have control over, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes its the people in our lives, and sometimes its ourselves. Sometimes we can do something about it then and there, and sometimes we can't. So we have to work through it the best we can.

And the best thing to help me sort my problems out is talking to the close people I care for, and who in turn care for me. Their wise words are invaluable, their support, advice, listening ears, intelligence, empathy, and strength of verbal communications help me to move on through the difficult times and back to the light.

I don't like losing my way. Normally I know exactly where I'm going.

And when I'm clogged up, its not clear, and its difficult to be creative. And yet its hugely important for me so.

But yesterday, I cleared something. The "clog".

My channels are clear again. For the moment, anyway.

A new start. How exciting!
So, when my usual model came to see me last night, to be drawn, I knew I was in a positive frame of mind. She had also decided to declog me - in the throat and nose department at least, with her magical mixture of honey, lemon, grated ginger and boiling water to clear my cold. She also came bearing gifts - flowers and pears from her garden, and the most useful of all medicinal properties - humour. So, we chatted, we listened to music - 80s disco and then put some serious music on - AC/DC, and sat there as the music flowed through us, and I drew her. The pose came to me immediately, I knew exactly how I was going to do it, the lighting was easy to set up, I drew with confidence and the picture worked straight away............ my creative channels were open. And here is the result!

Its called "Open invitation". And is the lovely white on black that is so effective with the light on the body, but with just a bit of red to add interest. I love the feminine curves within this shape, lots of lovely flowing lines and patches of darkness against the light. It depicts a full breasted woman looking openly at the viewer with the start of a smile on her face, inviting you to join her, as she holds her panties between finger and thumb, just about to drop them, or maybe swing them around, as she teases you, as she interacts with you.............and as you join see what pleasures await...........