Friday, 29 May 2009

What sign are you?

I’m having some roof repairs done at the moment, and there’s nothing like the sight of a fit muscular man wielding his large hammer to stir the blood....... unless its two of them!

It also struck me, whilst I was idling watching the men working on the roof (as you do!) that this is the ideal time to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time................... MMm.... Oh Yessssss.......... !!! :)

So whilst handing over steaming cups of builders tea I gently broached the question to them ..... smiling at the handsome one I asked “Can I ask a favour of you?” “Do you want to draw us then, Jackie? he smiled back. “No” I grinned, as I know he knows I’m an Erotic Artist. “Do you want to tie us up then? “ he asked somewhat hopefully. “No” I grinned even more, whilst considering the possibility........ “It’s something else. Do you think you can put this up for me?” I said nodding at the contraption in my hand. He took a step closer and it off me and looked intently at it, turning it over in his strong hands.... “Yes, I think so” he grinned. And I grinned back, looking him straight in the eye, and thanked him appreciatively. “Can I have it up there” I said, pointing. He followed my gaze slowly, and agreed with a knowing smile, and I thanked him again.

I looked at him, and smiling even more and said “You know that I’m an Erotic Artist?” and he nodded, grinning. “Well don’t you think it’s really appropriate, that you’ll find me under the sign of the Golden Cock?” And he roared with laughter as we walked off.......... in separate directions.


Indigo said...

So I'm assuming you want me to say some thing along the lines of ' nice cock?'

Jackie Adshead said...

Indigo - Yep, I am! LOL

Fitzy said...

Your golden cock catches the sun beautifully! lol

Pleased to hear it gave you all a good laugh!

Jackie Adshead said...

Fitzy - Thankyou, I'm delighted you like my golden cock!!! LOL

Yes, it did. And it amused me to write this blog post too!

Anonymous said...

How can I compete with such a wonderful specimen? LOL

Jackie Adshead said...

Hornymaleuk - Yes, I know you haven't got a golden cock quite to the specifications of this one! LOL