Tuesday, 6 March 2007


It's been an exciting week setting up my new website, especially as there will now be more emphasis on the erotic stuff, and now it's official, I've had far more interesting reactions from the people in my life - particularly the men - when I state I'm a Erotic Artist rather than just saying I'm an artist who paints figures. There's that widening of the eyes and automatic grin followed by the "Oh really? Tell me more!" reactions. Then I find they start telling me about their sex lives and secret desires and somehow they feel more at ease in my company. My good friend Peter, who has known me well enough for many years, and shown only a polite vague interest in my artwork, has suddenly, today, requested to come and see my erotic artwork! And he made the comment about getting older and perhaps not so happy about his body shape than when he was younger (so what chance do we women have if MEN think that!) and I said that was the whole point of an artist who's used to looking at naked bodies - I can add to the bits you're happy with and take from the bits you're not (thighs and bums, usually!) and produce the fantasy figure you wish you were and you can hang it on your wall and your friends can admire it for ever more - and no-one knows its not the real you with the lumpy bits underneath! Beats being vanilla, anyday!

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