Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Specialist treatment

Talking to an artist friend of mine tonight we got on to the theme of subject matter. And he said that he spends an awful lot of time and money painting the subject that truly and totally inspires him (rusty old wrecks of cars, would you believe!) and he's never got any money and hardly ever sells any of his paintings, but still he paints them, and enters them in whatever exhibitions he can, and will continue to paint them, regardless of any lack of subsequent sales. And it made me realise that that's what artists do - although we choose to paint our subject matter, perhaps it chooses us! We paint the things we have empathy for, the inspirational subjects that fill us with great passion! I know I can't get excited about painting a vase of flowers - it will never be anything other than a vase of flowers, to me, but I adore painting people and their interaction with each other, and letting the viewer find their own definition of what they're doing, and why.

Claire from "the erotic woman" emailed me today after looking at my website and liking my artwork - thank you Lucy again, for the recommendation, and said my artwork had a "unique and sensual style". That made my day! That a complete stranger who deosn't know me or my work, can see that in my images is really wonderful! And makes the whole painting thing worthwhile. although I'd do it for myself anyway, when I get feedback like that, it makes me realise other people are stimulated by it too and it fills me with enthusiasm and encouragement creating the passion and inspiration to fire up again.

Sometimes being a successful artist isn't about sales, it's about being allowed to create what's inside us, and letting other people see that, and feeling good about yourself when they can relate to what you're trying to show them.

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