Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Next Step

Almost done on my new website, just fine tuning really and tidying up the loose ends. Then when its live, I can get back into proper painting.

Last weekend I did a painting of a moody and dramatic seascape in oils, which is still drying in my studio and filling it with the gorgeous aroma of oil paint and turps. Its always an inspiration to paint when that smell is in the nostrils! I'm really pleased with the way the painting went, with the waves crashing up over the partly submerged rocks in the foreground and drenching them in foam and spray, with a dark and menacing sky above, and a dark forbidding sea on the horizon. The whole thing was painted in just three colours - Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White over an acrylic under-painting of Indian Red. The purpose of under-painting it is to give more depth of colour to the finished painting, but also because of the Indian Red colour, its given the painting a subtle pinky glow to it, which adds to the moody blues and browns of the oils, giving it more shades of colour and adding more interest. I'm pleased with the result although it'll take me a while to think of a title for it.

Lucy Felthouse is wanting some more erotic images for her Fantasy Nuggets blogspot, so I want to get on and do those for her. Plus I want to do some sexy images of male couples for my website.

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