Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Put me in my place!

Chatting to a male aquaintance we got onto the subject of my art and the erotic side of it and he said that if I asked him to look at my tiger paintings, out of politeness he'd show a bit of interest, but if I was to ask him if he wanted to look at nubile young girls with no clothes on - he's come over straight away via Edinburgh, if need be, to come and see them! So, perhaps I'm kidding myself that people like my art after all - perhaps it's the subject they're interested in, regardless of my talents!

He did also say that he'd be very reluctant to take his clothes off infront of someone to be drawn, and I agree that a lot of people are of that opinion. I think they think that they would be laughed at and would feel uncomfortable. But an artist doesn't look at a body any differently than they look at a tree, or a flower, they're all just a subject to be painted, and that's how an artist views them - considering the best angles, lighting, composition, tones and colours. He also said that if he had the body of Brad Pitt, he'd happily pose for me and I replied that he could have that though! - I could paint his head on the body of Brad Pitt and he'd be happy that he hadn't posed - and everyone would think that that was his physique. Anything is possible!

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